Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Bhoomi Mandir...in every house

My early morning thought...

Take it as a metaphor. A kitchen garden fits the description of a 'BHOOMI MANDIR'(literal meaning will be 'EARTH TEMPLE'), and it is not associated with any specific religion. But today there is an express need of establishing this kind of a 'temple/church/mosque/gurdwara..or what ever name you have based on your faith',in every house hold, across the boundaries, all over the World to appease the mother Earth, and unite all the living beings on Earth.

So, how do you establish this temple ?

A piece of land in front of your home, or in your back yard should be allocated this status. If you do not have this luxury, use your terrace and create green patches of Earth. Millions have been doing it. Join them. If you do not even have terrace under your control, use pots, fill them with soil and coco peat etc and put them up in your balcony where some sun light is available. This is your Bhoomi Temple!

And how does it work?

 Every little plant that you grow in your 'temple' will  establish some divine presence, a real one in your home. The piece of earth, including your terrace garden or balcony pots  that you care for everyday by watering, giving compost, spending time with it etc is the 'real' pooja/ibaadat/service of the divine.

One step further, the offering you make to the Bhoomi Temple, must be prepared by you through converting all the organic wet waste that you produce in your home in to an organic compost. There are many solutions available now within your neighborhood. Go for it! This will be a real caring for the mother Earth when you cease to be a cause for dumping the untreated waste in to some one else's neighborhood. Also, inch by inch you are healing the Earth when you do not use chemicals in your Bhoomi Temple!

The reward would be the produce you get from the kitchen garden, a real 'prasadam'! It could be some green chilies, coriander leaves, tomatoes, brinjals, some greens or mint! When you blend them into your cooking, it works as divine grace. It gives you a sense of belonging to the Earth as you are developing a caring nature, a hall mark of mother Earth! It humbles you as you actually put in some physical work. And it gives the joy of creation, day after day! If your children get involved, that much less time in front of the TV!

You can discover many other ways in which this temple can shower the divine grace on you and your family!

Here are some glimpses of our 'Bhoomi Temple'...

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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Friday, 29 May 2015

Bureaucrat par excellence..

The video is self explanatory

However, here is a brief..
Shri K N Kumar, Chief Executive of the National Fisheries Development Board of India from June 2015, has a track record of delivering the seemingly impossible in the north east Indian state of Meghalaya. 
As Principal Secretary,he brought alive a moribund Fisheries Department as well as energized the Rural Development Department. His work with the Fisheries Department there is being cited as a global model of how to get a government department to begin delivering the most to the public in a very short time.

When bad becomes worst, better has to become best!

Monday, 6 April 2015

Exploring Life Purpose..

Debut in Bangalore... On Pay It Forward principle

It was a long standing desire to initiate a program at The School of Ancient Wisdom, Bangalore, a training/learning program on the principles of Pay It Forward , i.e. we offer the program to the invitees free of cost (the cost of the first program should be borne by the venue management and the program promoters), and at the end of the day, the participants will have an option to contribute towards the next batch of invitees who will attend the program, again, free of cost.

It was a long standing desire to initiate a program at The School of Ancient Wisdom, Bangalore, a training/learning program on the principles of Pay It Forward , i.e. we offer the program to the invitees free of cost (the cost of the first program should be borne by the venue management and the program promoters), and at the end of the day, the participants will have an option to contribute towards the next batch of invitees who will attend the program, again, free of cost.

In turn the second batch will also have an opportunity to pay it forward for the third batch. The series should continue as long as the participants will keep showing generosity and keep gifting the program forward to their known or unknown beneficiaries.

The fateful day came on 5th April, 2015. A day long program on the  subject 'Life Purpose; a self exploration'   was offered  by the group comprising of Prof R Rajagopalan, Dr Prabhu, Ajay Patel, Ameeta Patel, K N Malathi and Dilip patel to a diverse group of 30 participants.

On various counts we term the program as successful.

Firstly, we had announced in the brochure a cap on the number of participants to 20. But we had an overwhelming response with almost 40 registrations! Mr Ram Menon and Ravi of the School of Ancient Wisdom instantly agreed for the higher number of 30 in place of 20!

2. Since there was absolutely no commitment on the part of the registrants, we had an apprehension of drop outs without any intimation. However, some participants wrote to us giving their genuine reasons of opting out, and to be counted in for the next edition, and we could replace them with the waiting list!

3. On the morning of the program all the 30 registrants showed up, in time. We also accommodated a couple of additional instant registrations!

4.We were also mentally prepared for some of the participants to leave the program mid way through if it did not resonate with their expectations. Only one participant left halfway through. Her needs were in the field of deeper levels of spirituality. She was absolutely graceful and respectful in conveying her mind and asking for the permission to leave early.

5. The rest of the participants stayed on till the end of the program and participated fully.

6. And the proof of the pudding was on the response of the participants on the pay it forward concept. Nipun Mehta's Ted talk video on 'Designing for Generosity' was received very well, and almost every one of the participants made monetary contribution through blind envelopes for the next batch of participants on 19th April 2015.

7. Very thoughtfully they also decided to leave behind the unused blank sheets, pens and the files which can be used for the next batch.

The sum total is that our trust in the 'GIFT ECONOMY ( Pay It Forward concept) is not belied. We will move into the second batch, and with improved version of our processes and presentations.

Here are some pictures and a short video to give you some glimpses of the debut program, followed by some of the meaningful feedback from the participants.

And here is a small video on the One Minute International game:

Feed back from some of the participants:

Program Feedback, Selected comments:

  • I realize the need to go beyond what I am doing, I want to enjoy the power of instinctive acts of kindness, the joy of sharing more…. There is now a desire to go beyond my normal self.
  • Your program was successful in bringing down the guards, trusting, loving people, courage to be vulnerable – only then one can travel the road less traveled! 
  • The experience that has been shared from everyone’s personal life was so impressive… I took time to analyze myself. Thank you. 
  • It reconfirmed my faith in humanity. 
  • I feel I should reciprocate generosity all the way for the rest of my life. 
  • I met a lot of like-minded people – ‘my tribe’ – and that gives me the sense of belonging. 
  • I have found a direction to my thoughts that were scattered all over… I am going back with courage to move forward in my life to make my passion, dreams come true! 
  • … gave an insight into how little acts performed thus far would have impacted the people I served – some conscious acts and some unconscious… I feel humbled. 
  • … in your workshop you should focus more on perspectives and shift in perspectives at a deeper level rather than at the level of concepts and thoughts which is where the current content seems to lie. 
  • I feel fulfilled to have been part of this exercise with so many others. 
  • …would like to get a more structured view on how to analyze ‘now’ to the ‘end’. 
  • ... provided a good platform to me to explore what was hidden within all these years. 
  • Some of the most inspiring learnings being the difference between joy and pleasure and most importantly the distinction between ambition and a larger life purpose – ‘for one’s own salvation and for the welfare of the world.’ 
  • Suggestion: Somewhere adapt Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory 
  • ‘Never stop trying at any age…’ – that sentence struck my mind. 
  • …there is still time to lead a different life and one should discover the larger purpose of life. 


Monday, 23 March 2015

My morning walk on the World Water Day...22nd March, 2015

I must confess, I had seen RED on my computer screen, early in the morning, researching on the water scarcity subject matter in India.

So, my mind was already seized with the thoughts on water as I began my  walk. 

I wish I had carried my camera. I would not have needed to paint the pictures with my words..

Any way, I left my home at 7.15 a m. The first scene that attracted my attention was  the washing of the front portion of the house on the corner. One, or may be two buckets of water was being used to wash part of the footpath which has become, perhaps, their 'front portion' of their house. The dirty water streamed down on the side of the road, and a street dog quenched his thirst...

The red colors in the map came back to my mind. Bangalore (where I live) is in the red zone. We get water once in 3 days. Many bore wells up to several hundreds of feet deep have dried up in the vicinity. water business in tankers is booming.

 And now I had reached an automobile service center. A thick, oily and murky liquid was flowing into the storm waterway. This stuff would reach, along with rain, when ever it comes ( which happens any time now a days!), into the 'restored' lake nearby.

The vegetable vendor   across the road was sprinkling water from a bottle on the greens he was selling. The bottle looked old and the water dirty! I was asked to buy some vegetables, and I knew we will have to wash again, and spend some more water.

A new 4 storied building that is coming up on my return path was being sprinkled lavishly for curing.

And as I stepped into my compound, the beads of perspiration that were emerging on my forehead and neck seemed very precious. But the last straw was the tup..tup..sound in my bathroom. The tap was leaking!

I had to take some concrete steps to save water, and I decided- 'No bath today!'

Each one of us must take some steps.

If you think my above narration is very frivolous, then read some serious stuff at KNM's blog here. 

Do write to us  what steps are you taking?



Friday, 26 September 2014