Friday, 20 January 2012

India I Care & IAS Officers

Ethics in Governance program for 10th batch of IAS officers concluded this afternoon at Asia Plateau, Panchgani conducted under the aegis of Initiatives of Change and IC Center for Governance. 31officers coming from various states, and center gave us enough reasons to remain hopeful. Their list of takeaways from the program was wide and deep. It appeared that the program has made enough impact on them for getting empowered, and reaffirming the values with which they all had entered the services.

The last important session was on 'India I Care'. And I am happy to inform you all that each and every  participant appreciated the movement and conveyed their affirmation to be a part of the same. 'Nanded I Care' live on the face book was shown and Nipun's ( Nanded Commissioner, 9th batch IAS trainee) initiatives, and the enthusiastic activities that are happening in Nanded were briefly discussed. The instant response came from Mr Kumar, IAS, Principal Secretary, Govt of Meghalaya that he would like to follow Nipun's way and initiate 'Shillong I Care' in the month of March! Many other officers have promised to support the cause in their territories. 3 cheers to IAS officers! India I Care will go places!

IAS officers of Batch 10 at Panchgani
IAS Officers welcomed the new morning at the Table Land.

Stay tuned to this blog, many things are going to happen! Register yourselves here as an associate and become part of the action.


Sunday, 8 January 2012

Definitions: India, I, and Care

Context is decisive.
Meanings of words reside more in the minds.

Since 'India I Care' is a joint responsibility of each and every one of the 1.2 Billion inhabitants of India, it is necessary to create  very simplified definitions of the terms used which make equal sense to people at all levels.

India I Care: How does one define it?
We have always got a  thumping, affirmative response to the question, 'Do you Care for Your Country?', from people at all levels! Very heartening indeed. However, the second question usually evokes uneasy, non convincing responses with the finger pointing at others.

The second question is: 'Then why is our country beset with serious problems like corruption at all levels, fragmented societies, dysfunctional families, disharmony among religions, friction between states, indiscipline on roads, non punctual offices, inefficient services, dirty cities and towns, unhealthy people... The list is long. The linked up article with this cartoon by S Nandakumar in today's Sunday Herald is a good account of one of our issues - law breaking.

                                                             Are we all rule breakers?

Perhaps we have not translated our care into suitable actions. The time is ripe. And hence this movement. 

So, let us create some meaningful definitions.

Three words. India, I and Care.

India ( or, Your Country):

Since my school days I have accumulated a huge amount of information, and knowledge about this vast country. She has history, She has geography, She has culture and diversity. One of the World's oldest civilizations took birth here. All major religions are  being practiced here.Multiple languages are spoken here. India is the World's largest democracy... I can go on and on.. All this information, and descriptions are, perhaps, good for writing an essay for competitive exams.

How will an  illiterate small town citizen describe 'what and where is India?'

a 55 year old, the then 4th std drop out , BESCOM (Bangalore Electricity Supply Company) lineman, while scratching his head replied: 'How do I know all that sir, I have never traveled beyond my area of work, for me India is where I live! 

And we got a brilliant definition. Practically speaking, each one of us knows that part of our country the best where we physically live! It is here that we understand the real needs of the place and the people around us, and we can actually be of meaningful involvement in solving the issues.

Thus, India (or for that matter, your country) is where you live and work. That is our definition for this movement.


Similarly, we liked the definition of Care as given by a 17 year teenager. He said, 'If I care about some body, I will not be indifferent to that person, I will not cause any harm to him/her, and whatever I do, should make him/her proud of me. Perhaps he had his mother in his mind. But if you replace that person with your country (meaning where you live), the definition fits perfectly well.


Single letter word, but most complex! Every 'I' is different from each other.Bundle of its own strengths, weaknesses, values and beliefs,biases and prejudices, desires and destinations. And yet, without any surprise, all the I's in the World have a common deep rooted desire- to be healthy, happy and successful!

Now using these definitions, check whether, and how much you are really caring 'your India(country)'

Most of us fall in the category of 'India I Don't Care'. Hence the need for this movement.

Come, join by the scores, and get involved in becoming part of the solution.

Next post will define 'Character Bank of India'. Keep visiting. Send your comments. 


Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Welcome 2012 with India I Care...

2012 has just kicked off a few days ago. No , I am not going to repeat here what millions must have done in the last few days, 'wishing their near and dear ones, and their acquaintances a 'Happy New Year', for, mere wishes do not make things different. One has to work for it.

In my inner contemplation during Quiet Time on 1st January I got this inspiration to initiate 'India I Care' blog, as I have recently accepted to be the Sutradhar for the India I Care( IIC for short) project for the current term of 2 years. My humble desire is to take this project to the next higher level, with the help of each one of you, where' India I Care' becomes visible across the country, and starts bearing fruits.

Looking back, 2011 would perhaps go down in the history for unmasking many an ugly reality in our society, our country, India. India I Care movement (for the information of those who know nothing about it, this movement was launched by a few youngsters at Asia Plateau, Panchgani, the Initiatives of Change center for reflection, reconciliation, learning, training and conferences to bring about change starting with oneself. The objective of the IIC movement is to rebuild the Character Bank of India) has become that much more relevant today, if we have to put right some of those unmasked ugly realities. We all need to give our concerted push to this movement by committing ourselves to start doing something regularly to make deposits to the Character Bank of India.

"When bad becomes worse, the good has to become better" - Dr. J. M. Sampath

Drawing inspiration from this quotation, I seek your involvement as under:

.1. Become an associate:

Do not treat this blog only for 'knowing' things about the IIC movement, rather use it as a trigger for 'doing' things to boost the movement. The first thing you can do is to register yourself as an associate to this cause right away by clicking to the 'join this site' icon under the column 'Associates' on the right side of this post.

2. Desk top Wall Paper:.

Down load the above picture and use it as your desktop wall paper.If you need instructions,  follow as-Click on the picture above to view an enlarged image . 'Right click' on this to get dialogue box. Click on 'save image as..' and proceed to save it on your computer.Now open this saved image on your screen and right click on it. A new dialogue box opens. Click on the legend - "set as Desktop Background". The picture appears on your screen as desk top wall paper. This will serve as a reminder of the commitment to the " India I care movement. We propose to post every month a new picture and message appropriate for that  month.

3. Examine Your routines:.

 Just check the following poster to examine quickly as to which areas you can start making fresh deposits into the Character Bank of india. Start, and report back in the comments column at the end of this post.

4. Enroll your friends/associates:

Get involved at least 10 more to the concept of IIC. You may recommend them to  visit this blog.

5.Observe your week ends ( Fridays, or Saturdays, as the case may be) as India I Care days:

 Wear on these days the IIC T-shirt or badge or cap that you may have acquired to make IIC visible. Make it a point to make  fresh, new deposits to the Character Bank.

6. Raise questions:

For seeking clarity about the IIC movement, and implementation of various programs, ask questions. We will answer them in new posts for the benefit of all. Give suggestions.

At some stage this blog will give birth to a full fledged website. Work is in progress.

Now it is your turn to respond, right away. And please give suggestions for making this blog more participatory and inspiring.

Offers for writing guest blogs are welcome.

Dilip Patel
In service of IIC.

P.S - Some of the older generation net users have expressed difficulties to register, or send comments. I suggest you may send your comments to us at the e mail id - Your comments are very valuable, so please write.. Thanks.