Wednesday, 1 February 2012

February fervour..

This blog is nearly one month, 3 posts, 25 Associates and 500+ views old.

I confess I am behind schedule. At least two more posts had to be published in Jan. But I will cover it up.
I am happy that within this month 25 of you have registered as associates on this site. Very hearty welcome! We need to multiply this figure 10 fold.. Those of you who have not yet registered, please do it asap.Thanks.

The month of January has got us 31 IAS officers, 36 members of corporate world through HEL - Jan'12 program, and 29 members of Karnataka Public Sector Enterprises from HEL-DPE program exposed to the idea of IIC. Almost everyone has committed to be associated with the movement. The coming months should bring in multiplying effect. Let us get ready for action.

So, here is the February calender to down load it as your wall paper for the month . This picture depicts the pillars in the Qutub Minar complex. This gives me a message that ..'to grow tall you need a lot of support at the base.

Note: Instructions for downloading as wall paper are here.

What are we expecting in February?
A lot.
Through 4 to 5 posts this month we will complete the 'Definitions..' post, we will identify and create distinct entities who could be our associates to take the IIC movement forward in their localities, and we will also initiate introducing various means and methods to make IIC movement visible to the masses.

We are requesting the Nanded I Care functionaries to write a guest post here giving details about their modus-operandi, activities and achievements. This could become a beacon for many more cities/towns to initiate '--------- I Care' ( Name of the city/town in the blank), activities this year. In the offing are - 'Shillong I Care',  'Noida I Care', 'Gulbarga I Care', 'Mysore I Care' etc. We will keep reporting.

What do we expect from you?
Again, a lot.

1. Can you all propagate the idea of IIC within your circle of influence? Can each one send the link of this blog to 10 others?
2. Can you identify individuals, groups, NGOs, or commercial organisations in your vicinity ('your India') who are actually making more contributions/deposits to the Character Bank of India in their own ways? Send us their details to enable us to get connected with them, and give them adequate exposure in our future posts.
3. You could offer to write a guest post here on your own initiatives and contribution to the IIC movement.

You may send e-mails to us at

Awaiting your responses..

Dilip Patel
In service of IIC

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  1. These lines can be repeated on the top of every post, this seems to me very action provoking: "Do not treat this blog only for 'knowing' things about the IIC movement, rather use it as a trigger for 'doing' things to boost the movement. The first thing you can do is to register yourself as an associate to this cause right away by clicking to the 'join this site' icon under the column 'Associates' on the right side of this post."