Thursday, 23 February 2012

India I Care in Corporate World

India I Care is an unfolding concept. There is a role for ALL!

It was my privilege,and happiness last week, to be the course director of Heart of Effective Leadership program at I of C, Asia Plateau, Panchgani from 15th to 18th Feb, 2012. We had 27 live wire senior managers from Siemens (15), Naveen Flourine (8), and Nanded Municipal Corporation (5).

Welcoming a New Day

It was amazing to see that the members of the corporate world, and those of the Govt sector (Nanded Municipal members) blended with each other just like sugar in milk...:-)

Symbolically it strengthened the conviction that the Public-Private partnership is the only imperative to take the society forward.

Supporting Each Other
Most of the participants  opened up to themselves, and carried back invaluable perspectives for change.From acknowledging their spouses' wisdom to making personal changes towards more harmonious living.
                                                                                        After they discovered their own switch (snapping of the fingers) to bypass adult within and give way to the child, they all remained in the present moment, curious like a child, and joyful.

A tight Spiral Hug!
The soul nurture process connected them all to the ever benevolent nature, happiness around and silence within. The inner journey started unfolding to look at their real selves against the standards of purity, honesty, unselfishness and love.

They would further explore next day the process of taking the change process of connection, correction and direction  to initiate change beyond one self, to the family, society, the nation and indeed to the world.

Exploring ethics, and ethical dilemmas, and finding the root cause again within would be another parallel journey. Our value system, our beliefs and our succumbing to greed and consumerism would need re-examination.

 Practice of Quiet Time, and listening to the inner voice, perhaps, could help us get back on the right course.

A New Freedom
Mending relationships, using PHUL standards to examine motives and behaviour, and adopting 4Rs (Refuse, Reduce, Re-use and Recycle) towards sustainability of life beyond seemed to be appealing them all.

The cherry on the cake was, of course, appeal of the India I Care movement! India is where I live, caring would mean not to remain indifferent, not to cause harm to place and people where I live, and how much ever this 'I' may be different and complex, collectively we all need to be healthier, happier and successful (He-Ha-Su).

 Our behaviour decides whether we are making a deposit into, or withdrawing from the Character Bank of India.

While the Nanded group has already stolen a march by embarking upon 'Nanded I care', thanks to their Commissioner Mr. Nipun Vinayak, the amazing outcome of this program was a new perspective about the IIC and the coprporate world.

The amazing 15 Siemens participants from 5 different locations (Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Gurgaon and Aurangabad) decided to launch 'SIEMENS I CARE'! All our support, best wishes and prayers be with them. We would like to hear from them progress on this concept regularly on this platform.

Members of Navin Fluorine too went back with a resolution to explore similar action in their organisation. We will be happy to hear from them too.

And it opens up this new avenue for all the corporate entities associated with I of C to get their entire work force on a common platform for every body's good. We will be excited to hear from you all on this.

National Co-ordinator,
India I care


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