Thursday, 1 March 2012

Marching Ahead!

We are entering third month of creation of this blog. In about 60 days more than 1100 views have taken place of the 8 posts that have gone on line. 38 of you have registered as associates/members. The clan is growing.

Let us march ahead. Here is the wall paper for the month of March.

Note: Instructions for downloading as wall paper are here

"Now, how was the month of February?"

1.Nanded Visit :
Dr Ravindra Rao and Prof R Rajagopalan were special invitees to Nanded on 4th Feb, 2012. This was following the launch of Nanded I Care by Nipun Vinayak, IAS (Commissioner of Nanded) along with his many Nandedians in November 2011. Prof R Rajagopalan sensitised the invitees with the environmental concerns in his own inimitable style. He spoke in Hindi! Nanded Municipal Corporation is marching ahead with specific plans and programs to make Nanded a model city. More than 150 committed members of Nanded I Care are solidly backing the process. Our best wishes with them.

2.Super HEL:
Feb 15th saw participants of Feb HEL descending on Asia Plateau. It turned out to be a superb HEL as the participants from Siemens, Navin and Nanded Municipal Corporation literally took the program to greater heights. See their IIC deposits in the permanent page created for registering every one's deposits to the Character Bank of India.

Please be generous in visiting that page frequently making your regular deposits.

3. Teacher's Empowerment Program in Karnataka:
Almost an year long program, initiated by Mr Tushar Girinath, IAS, the then Commissioner of Collegiate Education, came to conclusion this month. Nearly 2500 Asst professors from Govt colleges across karnataka went through this specially designed residential program for 7 days each in batches of 40 profs each since March 2011. I of C, Bangalore team was given two and a half days' duration out of it with every batch, and the one of the important sessions was on India I Care. Please await a seperate post on it this month.

The fall out is that around 40 Profs are likely to register for our annual Educators Conference from May 8 to 12 this year.

"How is March lined up?"

1. Shillong visit:

Mr K N Kumar, IAS, from Meghalaya Cadre, who was at Asia Plateau in Jan'12 batch of IAS officers, is organising a massive awareness campaign for youth in Meghalaya to get involved with the environmental issues. Dr Ravindra Rao, Prof Rajagopalan and Dilip Pate are the invitees, along with Neha Mukherjee from AP and Mr Niketu Iralu and a couple of youth from Nagaland to conduct a day long motivational awareness program for 500 to 600 youth on 6th March, 2012.  Launch of 'Shillong I care' is in the offing.We will post the proceedings here soon after.

2. Assam visit:

Mr Om Bagaria, a veteran with I of C, located in Assam is organising programs at Tezpur and Guwahati to prepare grounds for launching Tezpur I Care and Guwahati I Care concepts.

3. March HEL:
The March HEL will take place this month, and we are sure the corporate members will give similar response to IIC this batch also. We will hear more about it later.

In the meanwhile, 
1.Please register yourselves here and take the figure of registered members to three digits. Do it Now!

2. Take the idea of IIC to people within your circle of influence, and get them on this site. Expand your own circle of influence through India I care. Let us take the views figure to five digits.

3' Continue celebrating week ends as India I Care days and DO SOMETHING VISIBLE which is a new DEPOSIT to the Character Bank of India. Register it here on the IIC Deposit page. This blog is meant for inducing ACTIONS.


IIC Team

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  1. The speeches of Dr Ravindra Rao and Prof R Rajagopalan was really inspiring for us..... his slideshow/ppt was very good and sufficient for people to think about our environment.