Thursday, 29 March 2012

Nanded I Care Visited

Seeing is believing!

Kiran Gandhi, course director, a senior facilitator and a Trustee at Initiatives of Change, Panchgani, was invited to meet the NIC group. and see for himself the   'transformation in progress' of Nanded City through Nanded I Care initiatives.

Here is a short report by Kiran which does inspire hope.

Kiran and Neeru Gandhi with NIC members
Kiran Writes-     
"My wife, daughter and I were at Nanded on 15-16 March at the invitation of Municipal Commissioner Dr. Nipun Vinayak, after having been introduced to him at the Initiatives of Change(IofC) program on Ethics for Public Governance for IAS officers at Panchgani in Nov 2011. They were most inspiring two days. We met a couple of dozen municipal officers and staff who, after their participation in IofC programs, have decided to make a difference to their own lives as well as lives of those they serve. Another highlight was an evening with the dynamic Nanded I Care group in which we saw an amazing passion for taking initiatives to make Nanded a model city. The group comprises of eminent citizens from diverse backgrounds, like academics, business, the media, public service and NGOs. Between them they have the capacity for creating a new model for city transformation based on public-private partnership." 

Soon after this visit we learnt that Nipun Vinayak, IAS, the Commissioner of Nanded and the moving spirit behind this momentum was moved from Nanded to New Delhi on Centrai Govt assignment. It was a very emotional farewell, and Nanded will not forget Nipun for a very long time. But the real test, and challenge will be to continue the spirit by the Nandedians an d pay a true tribute to Nipun by making Nanded a model city. Our best wishes are with Nanded.

This is what Nipun wrote on the face book of NIC while leaving Nanded..

At the farewell time, Nipun with the NIC friends
":As i leave Nanded today, my heart is heavy...listening to knowledge link and feedback people missionaries...who ve transformed city...there are hundreds sitting here in a jam packed hall...mostly these are slum dwellers.... The voices of 'hum hoonge kaamyaab...' is sending shivers down my spine....when i had joined city, baba ji told me ...'god has given this opportunity to u to serve people' and a half yr..down the line i feel god has really held hands of all of us....we leave nanded for my next assignment in cabinet secretariat as dy sec...with love of all these people...that's a treasure for life !"


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  1. We,the team of 'Nanded I Care'is very thankful to Mr.Kiran Gandhi sir for giving his time and valuable guidelines to us.His appreciation is itself a big 'tonic of energy' for a preliminary stage movement of us..We would like to be in touch with all of you to achieve bigger and visible changes with your support.
    Thanks.............Ravi Rode (Nanded I Care)