Friday, 30 March 2012

QT of the week -1

I am experimenting. And I request you, the viewer, to join me..

Just look at the accompanying visual well, and stray into quiet time for a few minutes. Record the thoughts you get in the comments column below..

Let us see how many thoughts appear here.


P.S. It would be like counting your blessings.


  1. My giving has been without expectations in return. But sometimes, I catch myself expecting someone to whom I have gifted a new shirt to wear it so that I can feel further happiness. I would like to avoid this and say to myself that once given, it must be forgotten. This is not to say that one must not have the joy of giving but that I have given because I wanted to and the matter is over.

  2. With regards to the power of quiet time, I read a inspiring statement on one of the posters - " What Silence can speak, Speech can never".

    I must acknowledge that the "quiet" moments that one has are extremely powerful as they enable us to get connected with our true "self" which gives us "real" direction in our life.

    Vasant Jajoo

  3. when we not take every thing flow in granted.
    when we know how to gratitude,value whatever in our life.
    it will begin meaningful journey.