Wednesday, 21 March 2012

World Water Day, and IIC Response...

March 22 is celebrated as International Water Day, but should not EVERY DAY be a water day?

I wish to seize this opportunity to quickly give you glimpses to our Shillong visit on 6th March. Dr. Ravi Rao, Prof R Rajagopalan and I were there at the invitation of Mr K N Kumar, Principal Secretary, Govt of Meghalaya to sensitise the youth there with the environmental concerns, our responsibilities, and India I care.

It was an exhilerating experience, and we were overwhelmed with the outcome. The civil society at Shillong, represented by Padmashri Patricia Mukhim( Editor of Shillong Times), Mr Toki Blah, Mr. Naba Bhattacharjee, Mr. Gagan Jain etc extended their whole hearted support to give guidance and motivation to the large number of youth to create focus on the actions they can get involved with.

The newspaper report speaks all.

My publishing this post on the eve of the World water day has an agenda.-

Let us ask ourselves this question, and seek guidance through Quiet Time, if you like,as to what immediate steps am I going to take to conserve water personally, and at family level. It will be great if you take a little trouble to record your commitments in the comments to this post.

Share also your thoughts on how do we be useful in contributing to the larger social causes on water.

There are good information available on the link -,, also click here for more.

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  1. Hi! Dilip Bhai, It very interesting to Note that, your great efforts are payiing great dividends. Cheers! and Keep the IIC flying High

  2. Thanks very much TP for the kind words. Your encouragement is very valuable. We would like to hear many more voices.

    Also, how about guest posts? We need to bring to our viewers happenings from all corners of the country.