Sunday, 22 April 2012

Earth Day, Today. Let's Make It Everyday.

Since 1970, 22nd  April is being observed as Earth Day.

The Earth Day is being observed every year to create awareness about the environmental crisis, and bring pressures on Governments to bring out laws, legislation to protect the environment. Read about the inception of this event at

However, after 42 years, people at large are frustrated at the failures. The World was populated by 3.7 Bn people then ( and India by 555 Mn or 55.5 Crore). Today we are 7 Bn in the world, and 1.2Bn in India ruing over the failures by the Govts.

The wise voices are emerging the world over that at individual level we need to take steps to save the Earth..., nay, to save ourselves on the Earth. The Earth will survive, we the human beings may not!

There is an urgent need to take steps in our daily life, by observing Earth Day every day. And how should we observe? There are many many suggestions on the net, in the media.. But let us listen to our inner guidance, and follow it.

 I came across this, a very meaningful little video by Nilesh Gore, a young man doing his bit in a small town, Bhusawal, in India. The suggestions made out may not be new to many, but a good reminder is always welcome.  Click on the links-


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