Wednesday, 11 April 2012

IIC and IAS Officers - 2

The focus this time is on Andhra Pradesh

Mr Rajasekhar, IAS was at Panchgani in the batch of  November, 2011. He is in charge of SERP ( Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty) for the past 3 years. He immediately invited some of us to Hyderabad to see for ourselves the path breaking work being carried out for a worthy cause. A team comprising of Kiran Gandhi, Suresh Khatri and Appal Raju visited Hyderabad, and a remote village in Kurnool district between 3rd to 5th April, 2012. Kiran shared a brief report which I am reproducing here for a larger circulation through this blog.

Suresh Khatri, Appal Raju and Lakshmi
I believe this is a fantastic India I Care being carried out by Mr Rajasekhar and a whole lot of his colleagues and subordinates in SERP. Let us all appreciate this work and enhance their motivation further.

Here is Kiran's report:

"Dear friends,

An SHG Group at Kethavaram
I hope this finds all of you in a wonderfully warm spirit this summer.
Further to my family and I visiting Nanded at Shri Nipun Vinayak's invitation, an IofC team comprising of Suresh Khatri, Appal Raju (from Jamshedpur), Lakshmi (from ASCI Hyderabad) and myself have just been to Andhra Pradesh at Shri Rajsekhar's invitation, for an exposure to the amazing work done over the last 12 years for poverty alleviation in the villages all over Andhra Pradesh through the Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty [SERP]. As you know, Mr. Rajsekhar has been heading this society for the last 3 years. 
Tajunissa, a liberated Muslim village woman with son & husband 

The entire project has been operated by providing micro-finance for livelihoods generation to village women organised into self-help groups (SHGs), guided by trained community activists and community resource persons. We were told that one crore women, covering every village, have been enrolled into SHGs. We heard story after story of families lifted above the poverty line by women assuming leadership. In fact we found that they have achieved not just an economic revolution, but also a social revolution of women's liberation, breaking across communal and caste barriers. 

We were humbled by the live stories we heard and felt very thankful for the service to the nation IAS officers like Shri Nipun Vinayak and Shri Rajsekhar are rendering. We would be very happy to hear more such stories and to make visits to come and see you in your operating locations.  

SERP and IofC are now exploring some IofC training inputs for the SERP staff to sustain their effectiveness. 

Attached are a few photos from our Andhra visit.

With best wishes,

Kiran Gandhi
Trustee, IofC"

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  1. This is really hope giving and heart warming action started by an inspired person.It is always amazing to realize what inspires a person and when. So we all must continue to inspire others and also keep looking for things to inspire self too. Thanks to Kiranbhai for sharing the news.

  2. how does one root out corruption. You people seem idealistic, but how long is your movement going tolast

    1. There is a need for idealism to counter every hopelessness. Dear Anonymous have hope and you will start seeing things happening, beginning with yourself.

  3. i didnt know you would reply back sir, but what i have seen in life, my whole experience tells me that nothing is going to happen, you are doing time pass, misleadig people by telling them we will see a better india, all politicians and govt ppl where without brib from birth to death is prevelant what r u going to do about it

  4. It is likely, my friend, that you too are as much a concerned soul. The difference is, perhaps, that we are approaching the issue from the two opposite ends of the same spectrum. The glass is full to an extent, or in your opinion it is empty to an extent.

    Visualise that there is an 'ethical' ladder of 100 rungs. Each one of the 120 crore ppl of this country would be found on some rung or the other. And each one is desirous of climbing upwards! If we sit and wait some one to first start climbing, and then only we should climb, then the chanches are that we will remain where we were, or even slip down further. However, if we choose to start climbing, one rung at a time,and in the arena where we have full control of our choice, irrespective of others doing so or not, we will see some movement. We have chosen to do that, and we invite you to do so. You will not keep yourself anonimous once you make this choice.


  5. Have you ever paid bribe to get your work done. can you answer this question in yes or not. you look old, and you have enjoyed most comforts that life can give you. you may also have grandchildren and your family can be well settled and now you talk about all this idealistic things. does your family also believe in what you do. when we struggle to get our things done and face all this corruption and bribeery it is easy for u to say such things and i feel this is all hiprcrital. you will enrouse some people and play with their lives, they will be sacrifice and you will get glory because nobdy will be there when they are in difficulty. so dont play with ppl lives and emotions

  6. Hey, it looks to me that you are very bitter about some one, or something that has happened in your life, and trying to vent out your ire on me in proxy!

    I have great apprehensions that knowing anything about me is going to make any difference to you, but I will respond to your queries all the same, may be other readers might get something out of it.

    Yes, I have paid bribe in my life. And I was, and am uncomfortable about it. It was never for any personal gains, nor for snatching away some one else's benefits, or in the situation where I had any control of my own. I have refused to pay bribes multiple times, losing out on prospective gains or growth, and I an not unhappy about it. It was my choice when I had full control.
    My idea of comforts is not amassing wealth. Yes, remaining debt free is my idea of being rich, and thus i am rich. No grandchildren, and no qualms of being 'settled'
    If you are comfortable paying bribes and getting your work done, and if it does not create any guilt on your conscience,and you enjoy good night's sleep, go ahead. It should be ok for you to get your petrol from corrupt petrol bunk who mixes kerosene in fuel, or to go to corrupt doctor or hospital who will unnecessarily put you to many tests...because you believe in corruption.
    Please do not listen to us, but do not throw it away too. The day on which it starts making sense, it may come to your rescue. good luck till then.