Thursday, 12 April 2012

QT - 3

One can do quiet time on a picture too!

Here is a lovely picture, possible only during the present season. See what kinds of thoughts does it generate.

Let me share my thoughts triggered by this picture:

If India I Care has to reach out to every leaf of the tree, then we have to cultivate many many branches which are connected to the leaves. Practically speaking, can each one of you, the viewers, become that branch which connects to the people within your circle of influence, and enroll them to the IIC?  Can each one of you take up to send sms on week ends to these people asking them to make a fresh deposit into the Character Bank of India? Repeat that every week end.

Presently Aswini from Hyderabad and Girish Babu from Bengaluru are doing it every Friday. They will be very happy that their tribe is growing.

Please leave behind a comment if you are becoming a branch.


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