Friday, 27 April 2012

QT - 5

Here is a cue to on line Quiet time for this week end.
Let me translate for those who may not know Hindi -

" When hair or nails over grow, only the hair or nails are cut, not the head or the fingers. Like wise, if there appear gaps in relationships, efforts are made to end the gaps, not relationships"

We stress on building bridges, not walls with the people who matter in our lives. Why end, when you can mend ? Do some QT right now and see if you take a step towards mending some relationship...

Do register your thoughts here.


1 comment:

  1. I am finding one relationship very difficult at present. My Quiet Time inspiration has told me to begin by disliking the actions, not the person. I want to believe that people change, not when I want them to and not the way I want them to. My prayers are for more love and compassion in my heart. I want to work on myself to deserve such blessings, in spite of my weaknesses.