Saturday, 7 April 2012

Quiet Time - 2

Though there was no response to my last week's QT-1, I thought I should not lose my heart.

So, here is a graphic representation to an issue. Look at it, and have quiet time.( Courtesy Andrew Hinton's Face book post)

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Have a great week end.



  1. Let me open the account. Man stands lonely, in the first part of the picture, at the apex of the triangle, by Edging God Out (EGO), where as in the second part, man is part of the harmonious circle in which every one has a role to play. Every one Can Operate (ECO) towards sustainability...


  2. I fully agree with the ECO model of living. I have found that by living a simple life and reducing demands on the environment, we can really add value to sustainability. I use electricity to the minimum, do not use inverter (I am told that it gives back only 65% of the power required to charge the batteries), do not use air conditioner at home and in the car, minimize car travel, conserve water use throughout the year,(not only on World Water Day), do not increase the use of plastic bags, etc. I believe that awareness must be followed by consistent action in form of life style.

  3. i used to hunk on & off. Always thought that it's better to take precaution and it would help me to drive faster. One of my very dear friend, 'Dost', used to travel with me most of the time in Bengaluru. He would always insist me not to hunk and kept telling me how i am adding to the noise pollution. i used to get irritated and shout at him. Still he persisted...

    One day when couple of my IofC friends launched No-Honking campaign in Pune, i also decided to support them and promised to minimize honking. To my surprise my bad habit of honking reduced drastically and i was a more responsible rider. The after effect - i felt the roads are less noisy :-)

    i realized, until i 'decide' to be a part of the solution i would keep being part of the problem and still keep justifying myself. i also realized that because of my ego i was not listening/feeling the concern of my friend.

    Thanks 'Dost' for being a constant support to me.