Thursday, 31 May 2012

QT 9

Beginner's block...

Why is it that many of us encounter a block to convert our decisions into actions?
  How about we pause for a moment and reflect on the above observation.

And to motivate us, I would like to reproduce a statement I read recently in a book-

" Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace, and power to it" 

Happy IIC Week end! May you succeed in bringing in 10 more into your circle of Influence for advancing the IIC cause.

for IIC Team

Thursday, 24 May 2012

QT 8

Actions speak louder than words...

            Here is a visual cue to do some on-line Quiet Time.

Please share your own experiences/ other people's authentic stories here which are contextually relevant.

Dilip Patel
IIC Team

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Education, and IIC

India I Care movement is knocking the doors of  SCHOOLS...

Dr Ravindra Rao and Prof R Rajagopalan
It is but natural to think that major boost can be given to the India I Care movement if all the schools across the country embrace the movement. They hold the key to creating a better tomorrow.
The annual educators' conference, appropriately named 'Education Today, Society Tomorrow'( ETST for short) concluded last week at the campus of I of C, Panchgani.
India I Care program for schools was mooted by Prof Rajagopalan, an eminent environmentalist during the conference. Here is a short report he files for the blog-

"60 teachers mostly from Mumbai, Jamshedpur, and Gujarat gathered at Asia Plateau from 8th to 12th May 2012 for the Annual Educators' Meet, which had the theme "Education Today, Society Tomorrow". In the green and peaceful atmosphere of Asia Plateau, they were exposed to the ideas and practices of Initiatives of Change - inner development, Quiet Time, soul nurture, looking inward and making corrections in one's life, etc. IofC veterans like Dr Anand, Dr.Ravi Rao, and Suresh Khatri shared their stories of personal change. There were also sessions on Emotional Intelligence, Handling Children with Learning Disabilities, etc. I spoke to them about the environmental crisis and the need to take personal action to conserve this planet. We also had a special session on India I Care. During the feedback session on the last day, several teachers made commitments to take the IIC Movement to their schools. The team from Forbes Marshall that participated in the Meet resolved to work with some schools to promote the IIC Movement."

Mrs Pushpa Desai, along with her other three colleagues from Forbes Marshall, after listening to Prof Rajagopalan took a decision to work for taking the IIC movement to schools in Pimpri, Pune where she lives. Here is what she writes-
Mrs Pushpa Desai

"The proudest moment for any Indian is when one hears the national anthem. The body language, the pride on the face everthing shows, how much we love this country of ours.  Then why is it that we see all sorts of problem around us.  At times, it is a helplessness situation which I am sure most of us feel, a feeling of what I as an individual can  contirbute to improve the same.  This urge to do whatever bit possible was always there within me, however with no direction.  But after having heard Prof. Rajagopalan at the recent workshop at MRA, the path is clear and I now wish to come forward and take the first step towards this objective of saving our motherland in the best possible way with a hope that I will be able to carry with me many more such helping hands towards this noble task.

Lastly I wish to dedicate this service to my father in law, who was always an inspiration to me in my life and who would have been the first person to give me the support and guidance for taking this further"

Pushpa Desai

So, can we hear from viewers in India having connections with schools to come forward and be a part of the IIC's schools wing's team? Please write to us through 'comments' here underneath.

for IIC Team

Thursday, 10 May 2012

QT - 7

Recently I came across these golden words of Pablo Picasso, and I instantly found in it a great cue for on line Quiet Time practice.
By the fact that many visitors are viewing the QT series posts, I am continuing the same every week, but I will be happier if more of you do share your QT thoughts influenced by the cues given on these pages.

PS- Here is a nice painting by Pablo-  Depicting aThinking Woman

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Half a Century..

..Not enough. We have long long way to go.

Yes, 50 registered associates on this blog is not enough! We want more. We need more registrants to build the momentum. I am initiating a new page, the button will be at the head line, to get your suggestions, opinions etc to accelerate the movement. Please visit the page and leave behind your suggestions. The page is called 'Visitor's book'

Just as a record, 25 posts have been published so far, excluding this one, with 50 registrations. Let us work harder.

for IIC Team 

Monday, 7 May 2012

Satyamev Jayate

Aamir Khan's much awaited TV show Satyamev Jayate opened this 11.00 am.

Literally He is 'waking up' the country! It looks that he is going to deal with the burning issues prevalent in our society. Today's issue was on bias against the birth of girl child, and how this distorted view point has culminated into raising its ugly head in many parts of our country.

Initially I thought how will he hold the attention of the viewers for 90 minutes. I was watching it with a few college going youngsters at Anand, in Gujarat. The opening stories of young mothers braving up against their own little world literally brought tears. Not knowing what was further in store, we left the show midway in favour of lunch. When we returned to the show by 12 noon, I realised that the show is well designed not just to talk about the problems alone, but educate the viewers about root causes, and show the solutions. Real life stories of wrong doings, standing up to it, fighting it out and finally involving the viewers to join him in working for solutions.

It literally looked as though he was talking about 'India I Care' themes, and solutions- that, Change begins with me.

I recommend every one to watch this program, and then act in the directions of solution, I think it would be a huge deposits in the Character Bank of India by millions! Bravo, Aamir. Congratulations, and THANK YOU!


Friday, 4 May 2012

QT - 6

Here is a visual as a cue to let the spontaneous thoughts flow in an on line Quiet Time exercise.

How many masks do I recognise, which I wear every day?
What are they doing to me...?
What am I doing about it...?

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Four months, 22 posts, 24 comments, 48 registered associates and 2600 views later I am still groping in the darkness...

May be, this blog is imitating life. Every moment is new, and that keeps the enthu on. After the 'Marching Ahead', I skipped 'April Advances' just like that! Not by design. So, '' will  cover the summary of  March as well as April activities. In the meanwhile, here is the wall paper for this month.

The month of March saw the seeds of 'Shillong I Care' sown. See the post on Wah Um Khrah clean up drive. The month of March also gave birth to 'Tezpur I Care', and you can click here to go to the post on Tezpur.


We also had an exposure at IIT Guwahati and Royal Group of Institutions at Guwahati. Prof RR's mission towards environmental concerns certainly opened up many an ear!

At Asia Plateau we had new batches of HEL and ELL during these two months, and that many participants have been inducted into IIC movement.

 In Karnataka we were at the fag end of the year long 'Teachers' Empowerment' training program. We had an important role to play with I of C inputs.  India I Care module was a star attraction through out the year and a large majority of around 2500 Asst Professors from nearly 350 Govt Degree colleges across the state have emphatically agreed to be the part of the movement. We need to translate it into a 'DO-IST' approach. A separate post on Karnataka Professors is in the offing.

My visit to Malaysia, later in March, with Dr Amit Mukherji and Neha to conduct HEL program under international settings was a great exposure, and experience. The highlight of the program is the seeds being sown for 'Malaysia I Care'. Dr Chen, Professor and a medical doctor, also part of the core team of Initiatives of Change, Malaysia, is highly inspired to make it happen.

Early April a team from I of C went to Hyderabad at an invitation from Mr Rajsekhar, IAS, to learn and participate in their efforts to eliminate poverty in rural Andhra Pradesh. Read more about it here.

April month gave IIC  exposure to last of about 100 Professors in Bangalor, 15 Siemans, 16 Kirloskars and two  managers from KSPG Automotive at HEL program at Panchgani. A seperate post is underway, but the highlight again is that 'Siemens i care' and 'Kirloskars i care' thoughts are firming up. We would like to hear from them..

End of March, early April also saw a new weekly post, Online Quiet Time. 5 posts have been published so far. I would desire that all our readers of the posts actively participate in this experiment. Do post your thoughts in the comments section.

The month of May is looking forward to ELL, HEL , Educators Conference, Family program, SERP( Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty) etc at Asia Plateau, and 4 back to back programs at Bangalore for 200 Block Education Officers of Dept of Public Instructions, Govt of Karnataka. And IIC will be one of the common threads. So, we are looking forward to adding another big chunk of people to IIC commitment.

Let the May be our month of consolidation. Our first mile stone is 100 registered associates. We are far far behind. Come, let that milestone be achieved asap with you being there!

for IIC Team

An Extraordinary Story...

...Of an Ordinary Situation.

Her name is Vyshnavi. She is from Siemens, Bangalore. She was one of the participants of HEL (Heart of Effective Leadership) program for the senior management cadre of corporate world  held at Initiatives of Change centre at Panchgani, india.from 18th to 21st April, 2012.

 We do have a powerful session on 'relationship', as part of the program design wherein the underlying theme is 'why end if we can mend the relationship'. It only opens up the future, and expands our circle of influence.

Real stories of difficult relationships, dialogues and apologies, and positive outcomes are shared in the session.

It is here that we heard this, very interesting, rather I would call it as an Extraordinary story! The story of 'building back a joint family'in today's world of nuclear families.

It certainly qualifies to be a great deposit to the Character Bank of India of IIC movement. Let us hear it in her own words:

Story of my family

I’m Vyshnavi and live in Bangalore with my family of 9 members.

Joint family of 4 generations comprising in-laws from both sides
I married Hari in 2005 and we started our life together in Bangalore. My father was in another city that time and later was posted to Bangalore in his job. I was happy and started looking for a suitable house for my parents in the vicinity.
While the house-hunting was on, Hari had a thought, “Why can’t your parents live with us”. Initially I thought it may not work and called up my in-laws for their opinion. They welcomed the idea. Incidentally my father called me the next day and asked if he could stay with us. Then on we started living together.

Our daughter’s arrival came in 2007 and brought us even closer. My mom-in-law supported my mom during my maternity and my Father’s mom joined us too. I could see that these three women could actually get along very well!!! After a while, my mom-in-law developed a health issue and my mom travelled to my in-laws place to take care of her. This really gave me a thought that we should all stay together in Bangalore, and insisted to make it happen. Thus Hari's parents joined us and we started staying as one family.

And then came a recent addition to my family- the 9th member. No, not a child, but my other grandma (Mom’s mom). All my family members received her happily and they started taking care of her. She is in her 90's In fact my father’s mom takes care of all the chores of mom’s mom and if we all travel, my Mother-in-law looks after her. They share their responsibilities at home and reduced a lot of tension for me and Hari. All this in a 4 bed room apartment in a busy city, Bangalore!

I see my daughter enjoying all the attention/learning from grand/great grand parents. We are a happy family and pray that we continue to remain so.

Please share your thoughts on the idea of going back to joint's and con's.
The viewers may also like to share here stories of relationships, living in joint families etc..