Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Education, and IIC

India I Care movement is knocking the doors of  SCHOOLS...

Dr Ravindra Rao and Prof R Rajagopalan
It is but natural to think that major boost can be given to the India I Care movement if all the schools across the country embrace the movement. They hold the key to creating a better tomorrow.
The annual educators' conference, appropriately named 'Education Today, Society Tomorrow'( ETST for short) concluded last week at the campus of I of C, Panchgani.
India I Care program for schools was mooted by Prof Rajagopalan, an eminent environmentalist during the conference. Here is a short report he files for the blog-

"60 teachers mostly from Mumbai, Jamshedpur, and Gujarat gathered at Asia Plateau from 8th to 12th May 2012 for the Annual Educators' Meet, which had the theme "Education Today, Society Tomorrow". In the green and peaceful atmosphere of Asia Plateau, they were exposed to the ideas and practices of Initiatives of Change - inner development, Quiet Time, soul nurture, looking inward and making corrections in one's life, etc. IofC veterans like Dr Anand, Dr.Ravi Rao, and Suresh Khatri shared their stories of personal change. There were also sessions on Emotional Intelligence, Handling Children with Learning Disabilities, etc. I spoke to them about the environmental crisis and the need to take personal action to conserve this planet. We also had a special session on India I Care. During the feedback session on the last day, several teachers made commitments to take the IIC Movement to their schools. The team from Forbes Marshall that participated in the Meet resolved to work with some schools to promote the IIC Movement."

Mrs Pushpa Desai, along with her other three colleagues from Forbes Marshall, after listening to Prof Rajagopalan took a decision to work for taking the IIC movement to schools in Pimpri, Pune where she lives. Here is what she writes-
Mrs Pushpa Desai

"The proudest moment for any Indian is when one hears the national anthem. The body language, the pride on the face everthing shows, how much we love this country of ours.  Then why is it that we see all sorts of problem around us.  At times, it is a helplessness situation which I am sure most of us feel, a feeling of what I as an individual can  contirbute to improve the same.  This urge to do whatever bit possible was always there within me, however with no direction.  But after having heard Prof. Rajagopalan at the recent workshop at MRA, the path is clear and I now wish to come forward and take the first step towards this objective of saving our motherland in the best possible way with a hope that I will be able to carry with me many more such helping hands towards this noble task.

Lastly I wish to dedicate this service to my father in law, who was always an inspiration to me in my life and who would have been the first person to give me the support and guidance for taking this further"

Pushpa Desai

So, can we hear from viewers in India having connections with schools to come forward and be a part of the IIC's schools wing's team? Please write to us through 'comments' here underneath.

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  1. Reading Pushpa Desai's note above brought tears to my eyes. It re-assures me that people who are willing to be touched by IIC do exist today, I hope in swelling numbers, those who are truly Nationalist, proud to be Indians and ready to take concrete actions. I fervently hope that we will together dissolve all the divides (cast, religion, money, etc) and love each other in spite of the differences.