Tuesday, 1 May 2012

An Extraordinary Story...

...Of an Ordinary Situation.

Her name is Vyshnavi. She is from Siemens, Bangalore. She was one of the participants of HEL (Heart of Effective Leadership) program for the senior management cadre of corporate world  held at Initiatives of Change centre at Panchgani, india.from 18th to 21st April, 2012.

 We do have a powerful session on 'relationship', as part of the program design wherein the underlying theme is 'why end if we can mend the relationship'. It only opens up the future, and expands our circle of influence.

Real stories of difficult relationships, dialogues and apologies, and positive outcomes are shared in the session.

It is here that we heard this, very interesting, rather I would call it as an Extraordinary story! The story of 'building back a joint family'in today's world of nuclear families.

It certainly qualifies to be a great deposit to the Character Bank of India of IIC movement. Let us hear it in her own words:

Story of my family

I’m Vyshnavi and live in Bangalore with my family of 9 members.

Joint family of 4 generations comprising in-laws from both sides
I married Hari in 2005 and we started our life together in Bangalore. My father was in another city that time and later was posted to Bangalore in his job. I was happy and started looking for a suitable house for my parents in the vicinity.
While the house-hunting was on, Hari had a thought, “Why can’t your parents live with us”. Initially I thought it may not work and called up my in-laws for their opinion. They welcomed the idea. Incidentally my father called me the next day and asked if he could stay with us. Then on we started living together.

Our daughter’s arrival came in 2007 and brought us even closer. My mom-in-law supported my mom during my maternity and my Father’s mom joined us too. I could see that these three women could actually get along very well!!! After a while, my mom-in-law developed a health issue and my mom travelled to my in-laws place to take care of her. This really gave me a thought that we should all stay together in Bangalore, and insisted to make it happen. Thus Hari's parents joined us and we started staying as one family.

And then came a recent addition to my family- the 9th member. No, not a child, but my other grandma (Mom’s mom). All my family members received her happily and they started taking care of her. She is in her 90's In fact my father’s mom takes care of all the chores of mom’s mom and if we all travel, my Mother-in-law looks after her. They share their responsibilities at home and reduced a lot of tension for me and Hari. All this in a 4 bed room apartment in a busy city, Bangalore!

I see my daughter enjoying all the attention/learning from grand/great grand parents. We are a happy family and pray that we continue to remain so.

Please share your thoughts on the idea of going back to joint families..pro's and con's.
The viewers may also like to share here stories of relationships, living in joint families etc.. 



  1. This is so nice to know DilipJi :)


  2. Amazing. So inspiring. I wish people, including me, learn from the example. God Bless the family.

  3. Vyashnavi,

    It was really a great pleasure to meet you at Panchgani and very inspiring to hear about your extra-extended family all living together under one roof/kitchen. This is the first time in my life that I have heard of 4 generations from both sides of parents family living together. Normally people stay together more due to social/parental pressures. Kudo's to you & your husband....

    All the best & god bless...

    Vasant jajoo

  4. Ideal example of Joint family. Certainly, in today's world how many such families we see around us. Hats off to Vyshnavi & Family. God Bless you all with all Health, Wealth and Happiness.