Thursday, 10 May 2012

QT - 7

Recently I came across these golden words of Pablo Picasso, and I instantly found in it a great cue for on line Quiet Time practice.
By the fact that many visitors are viewing the QT series posts, I am continuing the same every week, but I will be happier if more of you do share your QT thoughts influenced by the cues given on these pages.

PS- Here is a nice painting by Pablo-  Depicting aThinking Woman


  1. I have been working hard based on my current knowledge, skills and experience for a few years now. I have decided to do things I am not good at so that I can learn again and am not a 'prisoner' of my old abilities. This will certainly help me grow in different directions and will give me renewal. Pablo's words ring true in my years in light of my decision.

  2. Sorry, the last line should read 'ears' instead of 'years'

  3. Few years ago I chose to learn juggling, and walking on stilts! I would like to go back to practice these skills. Currently I have been working on 'zentangle-ing', and now I want to learn reading/writing Kannada language. These are some of the thoughts I got as I chose to post these words of Picasso.