Thursday, 24 May 2012

QT 8

Actions speak louder than words...

            Here is a visual cue to do some on-line Quiet Time.

Please share your own experiences/ other people's authentic stories here which are contextually relevant.

Dilip Patel
IIC Team

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  1. While working in Bangalore, i used to commute through company bus service. One evening while returning from office, the bus broke down and came to a halt on the middle of a heavy traffic road. We all got down and some of the associates started calling out at others, lets push the bus to the side of the road.

    India i Care...

    It continued for almost 5/10 mins, then out of the crowd one person came out and started pushing the bus and miraculously 30 of them were fighting to push the bus :-)

    A second of Action spoke definitely louder than 10 mins of call outs....