Monday, 7 May 2012

Satyamev Jayate

Aamir Khan's much awaited TV show Satyamev Jayate opened this 11.00 am.

Literally He is 'waking up' the country! It looks that he is going to deal with the burning issues prevalent in our society. Today's issue was on bias against the birth of girl child, and how this distorted view point has culminated into raising its ugly head in many parts of our country.

Initially I thought how will he hold the attention of the viewers for 90 minutes. I was watching it with a few college going youngsters at Anand, in Gujarat. The opening stories of young mothers braving up against their own little world literally brought tears. Not knowing what was further in store, we left the show midway in favour of lunch. When we returned to the show by 12 noon, I realised that the show is well designed not just to talk about the problems alone, but educate the viewers about root causes, and show the solutions. Real life stories of wrong doings, standing up to it, fighting it out and finally involving the viewers to join him in working for solutions.

It literally looked as though he was talking about 'India I Care' themes, and solutions- that, Change begins with me.

I recommend every one to watch this program, and then act in the directions of solution, I think it would be a huge deposits in the Character Bank of India by millions! Bravo, Aamir. Congratulations, and THANK YOU!



  1. Hi Dilip,
    Nice to know that your are posting on the blog even when away from Bangalore. I appreciate Aamir's movies a lot for they make a lot of sense. but when he decided to team up with airtel, that too on a topic like Satyamev Jayate, i am a bit perplexed. Airtel cheats its customers and an educated guess is aamir would be in the know of it, does it show the dicotomy of airtel or is aamir in need of money or has other ulterior motives. not really aware. but aamir endorsing airtel's honesty - not palatable. Dr. Prabhu

    1. Yes, Prabhu the Photon plus permits me to post on this blog even when I am on the go.I too love Aamir's meaningful films.

      Coming to the other points you have brought out, all I have to say is, judging (that too based on one's perceptions) is like putting a 'full stop',reaching a blind alley. Period. It does not lead one to any further. The whole focus of your comment is on the intent of Aamir for coming up with this show, rather than what is 'inside' the show. If Aamir's standing in the society is suspect, his program will fall flat. But the overwhelming public response to the debue episode says other way round.

      As far as sponsorships to the program is concerned, it is purely a commercial proposition. And, if large section of the society holds the view that you hold, the public will not support such entities no matter they associate with such titles.

      Finally, I suspect that you have not watched the program, other wise you would have commented on the essence and not the form.

  2. The intent might be commercial, but the content is worthy enough. No sphere of society is free from the contagious touch of corruption, but finding a ray of hope is our responsibility. He is an actor and a businessman. He would obviously not do it for free. Neither would airtel team up with some show that does not promise to make money. But let our focus be on the positive side, on what is being shown on the show rather than who goes behind it.

  3. All things said - true and hats off to the content of the program. Aamir is genuine, unless masked by his intelligent acting skills. My grouse is not against the program or Aamir, rather directed towards Airtel, which openly fleeces its customers. Now what you are saying, for me looks like a child holding a chocolate candy, whose wrappers are stained with blood, but the inside chocolate is good or someone wearing a T shirt which was manufactured by child labor in some third world country. candy matters as much as the wrapper in which it is given. I have no problem even if Aamir is making money out of it, as rightly pointed out in the comment above, but the banner sponsoring it, though a business house has many aggrieved customers, who walk in the whole day to complain about its cheating, nay shall i say Day - Light - Robbery. Dr. Prabhu

    1. Dr Prabhu,
      Your candy-wrapper analogy looks faulty to me. If the content of the program is candy, then the wrapper which holds and brings the candy to the customer is the TV channel. While one pays for the cost of the candy him/her self, we do not pay for the TV program. So, some one else has to pay for it. They arew called the sponsors. So, the equivalent of the sponsors is the one who is spending money for the candy.
      So, now it is the free will of the viewer whether he/she wants to watch such a program or not on the basis of who has sponsored it. And isn't the customer free to shift to another vendor for his services if the present one in his/her opinion/perception a day light robber?

  4. Now Dilip can rightly point out to me that this is not the right platform nor the forum to voice such concerns. My question would be, what then are we doing. Just talking, moving people by our presentations, selling T shirts, badges and their likes, and being happy that someone somewhere is doing this, this good. WHAT ARE WE DOING. ARE WE OUT IN THE FIELD AND DOING SOMETHING ABOUT WHAT ALL IS WRONG, IN OUR OWN CAPACITY. NOW IF the mention is a blog and a few sponsored programs are all in my capacity, well then I don't know if I am with the right people. We need to act. we need to support the people who are in trouble, pain, stand with them. An earlier comment in some other post asked for help, at least this is what I felt. Let us not just talk, may be its our business, rather let us think beyond our talking and for a start do something. Dr. Prabhu - again

    1. Yes, this is not the appropriate platform/forum for 'fighting'.
      Yes, the I of C's USP is 'BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD', and hence the process is self centric.
      There are other platforms for activism, and they are doing good. Take up the fights through them. We should be facilitating, not fighting

      By making T shits/badges available to 'moved' people we are empowering them to make changes first within themselves, and then influence others to do the same. Remember CCD-Connection, Correction and Direction model? Picking up fight is easy, self examination and correction is difficult. We are in the latter business.

  5. That means we just talk. end of discussion. PERIOD. PRABHU

  6. About 12 years ago Mr T.N Seshan gave a speech titled "The Balance Sheet of India". I was a final year student at this time completing my graduate degree. He spoke about the change we all want to see happen. I was flared up as I had enough people telling "we should do this, we should do that...." or lecturing what others should be doing and I challenged him into some action we should be collectively taking to bring about this change.

    He was upset, and asked if I expected him to take students out of the university/colleges and I said "yes" as I believed that if one had the vision and the resources and ability to bring about the change surely it is not a big ask? We will follow a leader if we have faith that we are being led to better things and share in that vision.It troubled me a great deal not understanding why we all could not just accept a solution if one was available.

    Two things helped me understand this. The enlightenment Buddha obtained and the theory that Maslow published. You see Dr Prabhu, we humans live in this nation that has evolved out of itself and is trying to create an identiy for itself. After centuries of constant invasion, plundering and abuse we are now at a stage where like a young man who has left a secure disciplined home having found new freedom, there is a need to learn to parent oneself.

    We all are at different stages in our lives, while there is a child taking his first lesson in his life at school, there is a mature adult working for his newly wed wife and their dreams together. There is the farmer who toils to feed himself and there is an babu who is framing new policies for his district. Each one have their own dreams and aspirations and we are all connected and influence each others lives without being in direct contact with each other.If we are to take an action that will influence all of us collectively then we can do this by making this change ourselves and in our thoughts, words and deeds. The strength it takes to curb ones own desires and be content, our thoughtful actions and respectful words, our meaningful smiles and sincere words all are significant actions that have a huge rippling effect.

    This does not undermine the actions of those who advocate for the oppressed and the disadvantaged. I myself advocate and act on behalf of children, but I also live by my values and I am an inspiration I have been told, as I have been inspired.

    And to re kindle this discussion Dr Prabhu, we just don't talk, we inspire...

  7. Thanks Radhiga for your response to Dr. Prabhu's laments. I am glad that being far away, you still keep tab on happenings in IofC.

    Hope you will remain connected.