Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Who Cares? or, Who Cares!

It is a great transition.

Neha, one of our young IofC members suggested this title for a program on India I Care and Environmental concerns at the Asia Plateau, Panchgani for a very distinguished group of senior H R managers from various corporate entities early this month. And this title set me thinking.

Question mark to exclamation would mean transiting from being part of the problem to part of the solution.

Mr Uday Chobe of Skoda Auto India Pvt Ltd, a participant for whom it was a second exposure to the IIC program pulled out his credit card from his wallet and showed the counterfoil of the Character Bank of India deposit slip he had filled up during his previous exposure, and narrated his story. Sticking it up to the Credit card, he said, helped him to refresh his commitments every time he used his credit card! One of his commitments was not to break traffic rules. He suffered an expenditure of Rs 78,000/- as repair charges for his card as he stopped his car at the turn of the signal to red, and a speeding vehicle behind him banged into his.

But, he says, he has not diluted his resolve to obey the traffic rules.

Thank you Mr Chobe, your story will inspire many.

The month of June has brought in many many groups of people in the fold of IIC, and we shall talk about it in the next post.

IIC Team

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