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Wheat and Husk..

..A lesson from father to his son.

Here is a story of a bright, young MBA student. A story of courage to apologise, to say sorry where usually it is most difficult to do so! In return, he finds a whole new opening. Change from within, for better, could be a very huge deposit into one's own character bank! Read the story in his own words.. 

Sujeet Kumar

My name is Sujeet Kumar and am pursuing my MBA from KJ SIMSR, Mumbai. My parents stay in Katni (M.P.) but our roots are from Bihar.
Well for past few years Bihar has been doing quite well on the development front but 6-7 years back it was not so and people from Bihar were looked down with  disgust by people from other states. In my engineering days, some friends of mine from Andhra Pradesh were afraid to have friendship with me when they came to know I am from Bihar. The more disturbing fact for me was that a couple of friends of mine from Bihar tried to hide their background and state. One such friend of mine used to say she is from a metro city and of course no one could have doubted her because she is smart, intelligent and very well behaved. But it gradually filled bitterness inside me for her, and that grew stronger and I started feeling uncomfortable when she was around. I could not understand why a person will not want to relate to her motherland.
After coming to Asia Plateau in one of the sessions (quite time), I realised I have never spoken with her on this and judged her without hearing her out. I sent her a mail apologising for my bitterness towards her and why I felt that way. To my happy surprise she replied back and told how people use word BIHARI for all the wrong reasons and how it makes her feel bad. It was a relief for me and I hope we can be better friends again.
Well, apologising to people is not easy, surely not to friends. We find it easier to apologise to strangers even but with friends it is tough. But when it comes to family , it is the toughest one.

People usually wait long enough to say sorry to the closest ones. I took 9 years...
This incident goes back to year 2003. It was one of those incidents which had the capacity to change the way I live or think. But I oversaw this incident and moved head in my so-called busy life. In one of the quiet times in Asia Plateau this incident flashed in front of my eyes and I started feeling restless.
Back in 2003, when I was preparing for engineering entrance examinations my father called me after the results were out. I had got a terrible rank and when asked I lied about my rank but convinced my father to allow me to take a year drop for a better rank. A couple of weeks later the official scorecard reached my home and father came to know about my actual rank. He called me and said “I got your scorecard”. I changed the course of talks and started talking about my studies and all. I felt guilty about lying to him but could not gather enough courage to apologise to him. 3 months later I went home for y diwali vacations. My father called me one evening and he was sitting on the floor with a bowl of water on his left and a small sack of wheat on his right.

Wheat at the bottom

He asked me “What do you see?” I said “water”.
He then took a fistful of wheat and put in water. The wheat grains settled down. He then asked “What do you see?” I said “Wheat”. He then immersed his hand in the water and rubbed the wheat grains vigorously for a minute or so. As a result few husk particles came floating at the top of the water. He then asked me “What do you see?” I said “husk”.

Chaff is floating around

My father kept silent for 2 minutes and then said “These wheat grains are all those things that you say to others, lies or truths or whatever. With the passage of time some of those lies will come floating on the surface like these husk particles and then people will see your lies only. They will ignore all your truths even if your lies may be few in number.”
I was filled with guilt, went to my room and cried for sometime but could not dare to apologise. After I remembered this incident I lost my peace of mind. I wrote a letter to my father apologising for all my mistakes and lies. Well not all because then that letter would have run into dozens of pages but I mentioned it too that I can not cover all the mistakes in this letter.
But after writing that letter too I could not post it for 5 days, finally I posted that letter. My father called me after receiving that letter and we had a long talk. I felt so good and so close to him after that talk.
I believe I have made a new start. And I had to release my past to free my future. I am thankful to Asia Plateau and quiet time for providing me with this insight.
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  1. very nice and unheard example to portray the facts of matter how hard we try to portray ...truth will set itself aside from lies and would settle down and lies would come up floating ! very nice post ! a few grammatical error here and there but what you wanted to ..u have expressed and I am glad I got to read your post ! Happy Blogging !