Saturday, 15 September 2012

15 Sept-Free Money Day 2012

I received this very strange (and interesting) news letter from Daily Good.

The title is Free Money Day: Giving Is Common Cents. It goes on to describe a unique event taking place last year on the same date (15th Sept, 2011) to coincide with the day on which Lehmann Brothers had filed for bankruptcy in 2008. Their collapse had triggered series of events leading to the Global financial mayhem the world is yet to come out of it.

Free Money Day, 15 Sept,2012
60 events had taken place last year in several countries where in the experimenters simply gave away monies to perfect strangers with a rider that the stranger will do the same with half of the money he had been given!

Read the whole account on, or click on for interesting info.

Today, on 15th Sept,2012 the event is taking place on a larger format. And I have registered to participate and have my first hand experience.

I have my own philosophy about money, that it is an artificial creation of man, and hence it is not real. I will elaborate it in my next post when I will give account of my experiences:-)

Till then, India I Care,


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  1. Dilip,

    Thanks so much for getting involved and sharing your reflections

    Donnie and the team