Saturday, 22 September 2012

Hi, There..

...A letter to myself

I chanced upon a very interesting blogging contest last night on It asks you to write a letter to yourself. Suddenly all the high level training programs that we conduct at Initiatives of Change, Panchgani came alive to the mind. For, starting from the IAS officers down to mid-management officers in private and public sectors we train in ‘Ethical Leadership’ and ’Effective Living’, the last process we ask them all to do is ‘to write a letter to the self
But, to tell you the truth, I had never done this exercise for myself.  This contest prompted me to at least brood over it. I did not get sleep for a long time. I had just seen, in the serial Balika Vadhu, how Jagya splits into many, and talks to all his different selves. The NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) technique of seeing self from ‘outside’ as a third person also crossed my mind. After all, I should use my being NLP practitioner for myself too some time! Zzzz...,and, early morning as I woke up, I had decided to bite the bullet. So here I go…

Hi, there…(this is the closest I could reach in addressing myself),
     I tried to call you, on your mobile phone, but every time I tried, it gave the same message, ‘the person you are calling is busy at the moment. Please call after some time…’, hence I thought I will write a letter to you. However, I am in a dilemma. As I separate from you, and look at you, I see a big crowd in you. You are not one. You are an entrepreneur, a citizen, a counselor, a trainer, a father, husband, brother, son…You are a writer, a public speaker, a photographer, a zentangler… Whom do I address? You are a big crowd!
     You understand what is a crowd, don’t you? A large congregation of people, with no common goal is a crowd. Very noisy, undisciplined, destructive at best, are the characteristics of a crowd. A crowd has lots of energy, but no direction.  And I have the audacity to call you a crowd! I have seen you struggling with the multiple roles that you have cut out for you. I am sure you would have experienced all the ‘qualities’ described above while juggling with every member within your crowd
     I have also seen you attempting to make a transition from crowd to a group..At least the group would have discipline, and perhaps no destructive tendencies. Yes, each individual member of the group would still have individual goals, but you can manage with the energy distribution..
     I think the time has come for you to transit into a ‘team’ from the group. Yes, you cannot appoint just one role as a permanent captain; rather, you may have to create a rolling captaincy based on the context. Say, at a party, chief, or father in you cannot be given captainship. The fun loving guy within you has to take the lead! You will not spoil the parties then! All your energies will be channelized well and a lot more purchase you will be able to get from your life.
     You only have one, and make the best out of it. It’s too late now, go to sleep and wake up tomorrow as a captain of the winning team!

Yours …Always.

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