Saturday, 17 November 2012

Nokia Apptasting Indiblogger meet...

...In Bangalore on 11th Nov,2011.

This is an account of a blogger past 60.

I was curious, it was my first occasion to participate in a bloggers meet.

I had a hunch, I would be outnumbered by the youth, the Indigo generation born after 1980. I was proved right. But I did not feel out of place. All the youngsters on my table showed courtesy and curiosity about me. They showed interest, and respect. They were full of life, and technology.

The hosts, Rajiv Makhni and Vikas Khanna charmed the audience with their gift of the gab and instant humour. They displayed both, width and depth of human understanding. The Nokia apps they demonstrated were fun.

Cross section of bloggers who went to the stage for the 30 seconds fame gave a glimpse about their nature, purpose of blogging and their leanings. Some were introverts, some find blogging as a medium for expressing their feelings, some use blogging as a tool to connect with desired section of the global society, some one blogs to win prizes and some one blogs on sex!

There were photographers, story tellers, poets, foodies, techies and social platform creators.

I knew they will have reserved slot for the senior citizens and I got that opportunity to expressed myself. And that was the moment of fulfillment for me as I could speak a few sentences about my purpose of blogging- India I Care, rebuilding the Character Bank of India. Vikas Khanna thought my presentation deserved a prize! But the real prize for me was a lot of young men and women showing interest in India I Care theme. I have found some of them already exploring the blog.

May be, all the readers would like to explore this concept of starting to make 'deposits' into their account in the Character Bank of India, and reduce 'withdrawals' consciously so that the depleted bank account starts rising in the net credits. The tag of 'a corrupt', or 'a dirty', or 'undisciplined', 'unpunctual' or 'insensitive' country etc. must go. Please explore-

Thank You All


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