Sunday, 4 November 2012

Stepping in Another's Shoes.. celebrate the pinches!

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It was Navarathri celebrations invitation from a very dear friends Sampath and Kalpana a fortnight ago. Driving to the other end in Bangalore is not exactly a pleasurable experience. However,an exhilarating Bharat Natyam performance by Sathyanarayana Raju at their home was worth going through the hassles on road of worse kinds. Two main performances, one conveying the story of Krishna's childhood and the other depicting Hanuman in Lanka in search of Sita were mesmerising.

Two things touched my heart. One, this, Bangalore's highly celebrated male Bharat Natyam Dancer Sathya's humbleness, and two,an insight given by a young, talented NID alumnus Ramya about design from the performance of Sathya.

Kalpana's mother, in her '80s, suffering from crippling arthritis had met Sathya last 25 years ago. He was not a celebrity then. But now, riding the wave of his popularity and lime light, he fulfilled the desires of this old lady in the wheel chair by coming home and regaling her with his dazzling performance. It was the performance for only the eyes of Kalpana's mother, rest of us only filled up the extra space. Sathya's gesture and humility touched my heart.

Ramya got excited as she could 'understand' now, after several years of leaving NID, the premier Design Institute of India, what her professor had asked them, the students to learn - to 'Design what is not seen (absent)'.  Sathya, in his both the story-song performances could make all of us 'sense' the presence of the related characters in the story such as small new born baby Krishna, giant river, witch Putna etc in Krishna story, and Sita, trees, fire etc in Hanuman story, even though these characters were not being portrayed by any other dancer on the floor. It was a solo performance by Sathya. And I learned it from Ramya without going to the NID!

It was pretty late in the night, and so, I slipped into the chappals in the darkness and left in a hurry. I experienced some obstructions from the chappals while pressing the cluch and brake pedals in the car. Somehow I managed reaching home, and hit the bed only to wake up late in the morning.

   But as soon as I slipped my feet in to the chappals in the broad day light I felt some strange sensations in my feet.Something was not matching.  The depressions of the heels and the toes on the chappals were not 'mine'! As I looked down, I found that, while the brand and the design of the chappals were the same, what I had bought was no.8 where as presently I had stepped into no.11. Big chappals for my feet! Obviously I had 'stepped into another's shoes', so to say! They turned out to be Sampath's chappals. Now, Sampath is a globally acknowledged trainer/facilitator in values and business excellence, and I had stepped into his 'large' chappals. I decided to walk a few miles in his chappals.

Last 15 days, while in Sampath's chappals, I have become aware of my sensitivities, adjusting the inadequacies and remain aware of the present moments!

Now that is what I call 'Celebrating triple learning"

I will return Sampath's Chappals with thanks.

Dilip Patel

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  1. Sir, that was a very unique take on the topic. And also Cheers to Ms.Sathya for her performance.

  2. That's a very different take Sir.. Loved it so much.. Keep writing..

    Someone is Special

  3. liked that...a very different take...short and simple
    ATB for BAT :)

  4. I agree, a very different take ... Watching Satya performing from such a close proximity must be a great feeling ....

  5. An unique one, out of the cliches!!

    Visit my blog @ another part of me

  6. A very refreshing write-up :) Humility is definitely the underlying strength of true character.

  7. Interesting write-up; enjoyed it.

  8. It is all about perspective, which makes us believe what we see and feel. Celebration as portrayed in your story is truly inspiring! :)

    A very contrasting take on the theme for this month. ATB for BAT :)

  9. Its complex to get into somebody else's shoes...But looks like you often do that & even celebrate it. It was thought provoking. ATB for BAT.

  10. " Design what is not seen "

    I think i'll carry that away !!

  11. That was a ride. You started from point A, led us to point B, and finished at C :)

    Nice. One of the points I loved was the professor's message: Design what is not seen. It applies a lot!!

    The end part about chappal exchange was nice, too. Very different actually. I enjoyed the read.

    And yes, in Bangalore, moving from one part to another is a hassle. I stay in Delhi but visit Bangalore for work. And I dread that evening traffic.

  12. Nice write-up. Leaves quite a bit for the reader to ponder upon.


  14. That was something totally different. Enjoyed reading about how one has to step on to different shoes and adjust oneself. Good Luck Sir :-)