Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Deaf World...

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The Deaf World..
...It needs repairing so that it can hear the sounds of silence.

A very gentle sunshine in the morning was providing warmth as a small group of young men and women were beginning their day with soul nourishing process of Quiet Time. Hailing from different parts of India, and indeed the world, they all had gathered together at the campus of  Initiatives of Change( IofC for short), Asia Plateau, Panchgani, to empower themselves to be the harbingers of change.

After the discipline of Quiet Time, the Afghan youth initiated the conversation. He introduced himself saying that he was at the campus for nearly last four months, and that he was student of mass communication just before coming to IofC, and that he had taught at a local school prior to taking up journalism. He further added that in a couple of weeks he will be back in his country, rejuvenated, and ready cause initiatives of change in his personal life, and the life of the society, and the country.

He then asked the group of young men, just arrived the previous night from Kashmir, to introduce themselves, describe their journey, their expectations from IofC, and their aspirations in life. The bunch of  young teachers described the rail journey of more than two days and nights from Jammu to Pune as very tedious.They had started from Kashmir amid a severe cold wave dipping the temperatures to -6 degrees Celsius, boarded their train at Jammu with dense fog and freezing cold, the wave of which continued for several hundreds of kilometers passing through Delhi and entering deep into Madhya Pradesh. However, when alighted,Pune was warm. While getting into the taxi from Pune to Panchgani, they all started imagining the campus of IofC on the basis of the images they had captured from internet.. It was their maiden trip, and majority of them were setting their foot beyond Jammu for the first time.

It was their vociferous senior member who began describing the prevailing realities of their existence, their expectations and the aspirations. The narration was touching the heart.
He said, " we are the most unfortunate generation, stuck between two rifles, pointing at each other. When it suits, both the sides claim us, and when we are in difficult situations, they both express their inabilities. Now we are past being victims of  the political problem. It is now emerging as a huge human problem."

He paused for a while, and continued, " We are all teachers, but do not know what we are doing. Huge spending from the SSA (Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Education for All) has created structures called schools, they have also filled them with people called teachers, and the mid-day-meals schemes are in place. All these have benefited, except those for whom the schools are created. There are 'model' schools with better amenities, well equipped with men and materials, and are used as show pieces. The majority of the population has been converted into robots. Our thinking faculties are locked up for more than a generation. A few families are looting the common man. The youth is turning to sex and drugs scandals.The corruption is unimaginably at its zenith." He added jocularly, " You will not receive even a slap if you do not bribe for it."

He further said, " we are at cross roads. Our generation is ruined. We want to at least save our next generation. We have lost more than 250000 young people in this cross fire, though the official figure dished out is much smaller, and we do not want to loose any further..."

A Korean girl interrupted, " even Afghanistan has lost a huge number of her people.."

Yes, said the Kashmiri, "but they know that they are at war..In our case there is not supposed to be any war, and yet killings are going on. One kills his own brother, and does not know why........"

We had begun the morning with Quiet Time, and at this juncture the World around us became silent again.

After a long pause, the Korean girl broke the silence saying," My husband is from Tibet, and even they have suffered.."

A member from Fiji added, " Even Syrians are suffering a similar fate at the moment..."

But my mind was stuck in those moments. silently, but strangely all the recent visuals dished out by the TV channels of the 'brave heart' ordeal, and aftermath flashed through my mind. I saw them as a flicker of hope-it looks like an awakening of the youth is happening, at last...

May also for the Kashmiris, and the Afghans, and the Tibbetans..., and for elsewhere all, awakening of the youth beget from the silence.The World has gone deaf, and needs repairing so that it can hear the sounds of pregnant silence.


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  1. First time. And I sincerely appreciate the efforts, rather the very idea that stemmed out and are working towards it. Our generation is indeed ruined. While some struggle between crossroads, many travel unwillingly on a different path while the other chunk are the rotten apples. The roots of this disease have gone deeper, and a lot of hard work and dedication can just cure it. I hope the voices of silence reach their ears!

    1. Thanks very much, adreamygal for your qualified admittance - ' our generation is indeed ruined..'. It requires courage to admit such harsh reality. I invite you and the likes of you to join the silent movement called' " India I Care". Together we will make the voice heard.

  2. This is of course something much more than a post for a round of BAT. You have written very well, touching upon some very important items.

    I also like the fact that you have not restricted your post. I had a good time reading it.

  3. Indeed, kshitij, this post is certainly not aimed just at BAT laurels. I only desire to reach out to the sensitive bloggers like you to this cause so that we can multiply many fold the efforts to cause the desired changes in the world.
    Thank you for your kind words of sensitivity, and appreciation.

  4. Is it a true story? Sounds very true. This is the 'matter of fact' that we all need to know. And we have to work pro-actively to resolve this pain of generations.

  5. Yes, Aativas, it is 100% true story. And I am still at this campus where the sharing I have narrated took place on the morning of my post.

    It is our collective responsibility to provide healing touch.

    Thanks for expressing your empathy.