Tuesday, 22 January 2013

IIC and IAS Officers - 3

When bureaucracy takes it to their hearts, a lot can be expected..
IAS officers at 12th Program on Ethical Governance with Mr M K Kaw

 Last week saw the culmination of 12th Program on Ethical Governance for the IAS officers at the sprawling campus of Initiatives of Change (IofC) at Panchgani, Maharashtra. The focus of these programs is on inducing change at personal level for better governance.

 11 editions over the past 8 years, seems to have come of age. The high lights of this program were a more matured participation. The participants belonged to fairly senior cadres (1984 bThe program, afteratch) down to young and enthusiastic cadres of 2001 batch. After the 5 days of eventful, and fun filled stay, a large number of them made some personal decisions/commitments of change. The journey of 1000 miles, they say, begins with first step. They also say that an ounce of action is far superior to a ton of knowledge. Either ways, their decisions directly or indirectly bring in more deposits to the Character Bank of India - the IIC connection!

Let us celebrate their decisions:

One set of decisions, for implementing at work, will have amplifying effect. For example, a decision to start expressing their gratitude to, or becoming less critical and judgmental of  their subordinates and colleagues,   will build a very caring and warm environment, which in turn will help them to discharge their duties with better frame of mind. Many expressed their similar thoughts to improve their office environment, and visitor/customer treatment.

Some decided to tighten up their planning process with morning quiet time, or, invoking support of higher powers through inner guidance. 

Some officers had focus on giving all their energies for completion of specific projects that would have wide ranging positive impact on citizens. Even replication of 'India I Care' concept for their state appealed to an officer.

The second set of decisions went closer to their homes and families.

Many have decided to give more, and quality time to their family members.' Talk only that to children and family members which I will do truthfully and honestly myself ', committed an officer.'I will put myself in another's shoes before responding/reacting to him/her', resonated some.

Many decided to tap inner voice for guidance. Some decided to revive hobbies and one would restart writing stories again. There was abundance of decisions to 'be humane' in their dealings with people. 

Some thoughts are spared to watch the food and liquor intake, exercise and walk a mile a day, and some have chosen to work on anger management. And one officer has decided to 'forgive' a near and dear one! 

In all, a very satisfying outcome!

At the Table Land, deciding to remain connected, commiting to change

I think it augurs hope.


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