Sunday, 24 February 2013

A cute story..

..From a fifth grade student.

Pushpa Desai of Pune, a follower of this blog, had attended an Educators Conference, ETST, at IofC, Panchgani, in May 2012. She has sent me this cute little story that was told to her by her fifth grade daughter. I reproduce it here for the pleasure of readers of this blog.

"I write this mail to share a beautiful story that was told to me by my daughter, Ms. Uttara Desai, who is in the Vth std.  I was all the more touched the manner in which she came from school and shared this with me.  It is a regular practice for her to come and share the daily happenings in the school and this one particularly touched me and hence I thought of sharing the same.  The best part was her linking this story to what she learnt at MRA last May about Global Warming and Pollution.
The title of the story is : A Lesson for All
This is a story about how animals teach the people a lesson.  The story begins with a scene of a city street, early in the morning littered with plastic bags, cartons, tins, cans, broken glass, old tyres, waste paper balls, bags and other garbage.  As a result of which the people in the city find it difficult to walk on the streets. Bicycle tyres get punctured. Buses cannot ply. People fall and hurt themselves The people in the city are shocked  and are very upset and angry about the inconvenience that is caused to them and their children due to this state.  The people gather together, including the mayor of the city to find out who is the cause for this mess.  That is when the animals from the forest come and own the responsibility for this mess and say that they are the ones who have brought the litter and garbage dumped by the people in the forest back to the city.   The animals tell the people that due to the litter and garbage in the forests, the trees die.  The animals and birds have no place to roost or build nests.  Their young ones get hurt and die.  The fish in the rivers and lakes die because of the chemicals and poisons dumped in water.  The animals then tell the people that when they are hurt, there is no one to care for them. 
The people realise that they have done wrong and learn a lesson never to dump their litter and garbage in the forests and never to pollute the water in the rivers and lakes and save the Mother Earth from further harm.  The people thank the animals for teaching them a lesson so effectively.
Pushpa Desai"
I hope we all derive a lesson. Thanks Uttara.

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