Monday, 25 March 2013

India I Care: Leadership Inception

....Because the leadership today has stopped inspiring.

T H E   P R O G N O S I S :

Three major occurring in the past two decades have made it imperative to create new leadership from the grass root level.

1. Positive fruits of opening our doors to globalisation have been seen in the form of great boost to our economy. GDP has grown, and  a huge chunk of our population has moved upwards in terms of higher purchasing power.

2. The phenomenon of Global warming, during these two decades, got established, and is no longer a debating issue.

3. Plethora of corruption cases came out in open and the ugly face of the leaders ( political, business, sports, social et al) got exposed.

The combination of the above three phenomena yielded some peculiar outcomes. Not very positive, though.

  • Our society became highly consumerist one, leading to even more desires, more selfishness and more greed. Poor grew poorer and rich richer. Crimes rate increased and trust levels reduced. Happiness levels came down.
  • Industrial production started getting into overdrive. Hence more pollution and more vagaries of weather. Also, more fuel to consumerism.
  • Concerned voices like Anna Hazare's etc got drowned as soon as they got prominent. 
  • A large section of the youth got under the effect of the opium of consumerist life style.
  • Ire against corruption started cooling down as people started finding themselves at every level part of it.
The net result is that the globalisation has not exactly delivered the desirable results. Leadership has failed miserably at all levels. People hate their leaders. Left to as is going on, highly excited and ambitious youth will perhaps get cast ,into the similar mould of leadership, over a period ,and much amplified, as they hate it today. Future would only look chaotic.

There is an imminent need of raising fresh, genuine leadership from the grass root levels. Leadership that is not selfish, that which would integrate rather than divide, and that which will take the society toward sustainable living. The new leadership will have to move away from the GDP, and towards more meaningful parameters like health and happiness.

T H E   R E M E D Y :

 There is an urgent need to change the DNA of leadership, and the crucibles have to be colleges where the seeds of a different breed can be sown amongst the future citizens. Some of them will govern our cities, states and perhaps the country some day, while others will be the wealth creators for the society.  Before they choose their streams it is necessary that a positive leadership inception germinates in them to safe guard the future.

Initiatives of Change (, an International platform, and established in India ( for more than four decades is busy bridging the divides in the world. IofC India has been, through its International center for training and reconciliation at Panchgani, Maharashtra, facilitating imbibing processes of effective living and leadership, heart of effective leadership and ethical governance and leadership for the last several years. The spectrum of trainees at IofC India includes IAS, IPS, IRTS officers, Military men, very senior, senior and middle level corporate and Government officers, workers and union leaders, Panchayat members, families, youth and students. The common thread in the training for all is, ‘be the change you want to see in the world’. No one goes back without getting influenced. Facilitation is done by the committed individuals who have brought about changes in their own lives, and hence they bring in convictions. They are drawn from all sectors and levels of services, enterprise and professions.
India I Care ( is an IofC movement, initiated by young people at IofC India a few years ago to ‘rebuild the Character Bank of India’. Having consolidated the concepts for the past five years, IIC is now ready to reach out to the wider segments of the society to bring about the desired change. College students are one important segment, and the Leadership Inception is the medium of the program.

T H E   P R O P O S A L :

A semester long program called 'Leadership Inception', designed by the experienced facilitators at IofC, to be offered to colleges in India. The program will be, largely, experiential and experimental process. The processes will help the young minds to examine their world view about leadership as it may exist in their minds, check for its efficacy, and rebuild it to deliver the tough and very different needs that will arise in the coming decades. 

A speaking certificate offered to the students opting to go through this experiment will decisively add value to the student's CV.

The structure and portions of the course contents are ready, and a pilot project is being planned for the coming academic year.

Interested individuals and institutions are welcome to join us.Please send your contact details in the comments section to enable us to get in touch with you.

This post is published as an entry to   ISB iDiya for Indi Change competition. Please visit for more information.

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