Thursday, 18 April 2013

(Air) India I Care.. An Extra Ordinary Story, Yet.

Mother's Milk Knows No Religion..

Indeed, the materialism, selfishness and jealousy is gripping an average Indian by the neck and we see the media reporting crimes a dozen every day. The newspapers are causing more depressions through the 'bad' news day in and day out. There is a need for 'good', positive news, and I do believe that there are enough positive things happening around us. It is just that they do not get reported as media can not monetize good news!

We try, through the posts on this site, to bring out positive stories. Here is one from Air India.

We were privileged, at IofC, Panchgani, early this month, to have the top echelons of Air India with us for a work shop on personal change.

 Deepa Kanchan, GM(Related Business), Air India,  shares here a story from her life, in her own words,
 so inspiring, and so impacting.

Deepa Kanchan

 Deepa writes..

" I delivered my 2nd daughter in Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, on 6th June 1990. It was a normal delivery. So, i was discharged on the 5th day. Dr Mansukhani, HOD, came to me on the 4th day on her evening rounds along with another doctor, Dr Saida. She introduced  her to me, saying,
 'Deepa, she is Dr Saida Anwar from Hinduja hospital. She has delivered a premature baby girl in her 7th month. The baby is having jaundice, and is in incubator. We have used your excess milk to feed that baby since Dr Saida could not feed her baby. She wanted to thank you personally, and hence I have brought her here.'

It was a very exhilarating feeling. As soon as I recovered from the pleasant shock, I felt delighted that my excess breast milk was being used to save another baby.

I went home on the 11th June after getting discharged. The next day, on the 12th June, my door bell rang. I was taken aback, and surprised. Dr Saida, Mr Anwar and their baby were at my doors. They expressed that their baby needed my breast feed. I  spontaneously agreed and fed their child. My mother and my aunt, both retired teachers, were with me at that time to help me with. My aunt went back to her place expressing her disapproval of feeding a child of another religion, but my mother supported me. I continued to feed their baby along with mine. My mother tried all her methods on Dr Saida to enable her lactate, but in vain. In the mean while I continued breast feeding her baby for over a month, and then I extracted my milk in bottles and kept sending to their home for the next 3-4 months. I got tremendous satisfaction feeding both the babies till they were started on external feed.

We celebrated their( Natasha, my daughter, and Sara, their daughter) first birthday together at Sports club near Haji Ali, Mumbai. We invited our guests and Dr Saida and Mr Anwar invited their guests. The second birthday of Natasha and Sara was again celebrated together at Kohinoor hotel near Siddhi Vinayak temple.

However, Anwars shifted to Bangalore, since, and I could meet Sara again only when she was 12 years old.

Natasha and Sara will become 23 on 6th June, 2013, a few weeks from now, and how I long to see Sara. I miss you, Sara. If you happen to come across this story, Sara, please get in touch with me on any of these numbers- 26690789/26265696/9869258484/9892110304."

P.S.:And we, India I Care, will bring out an update if Sara is able to get back to her foster 'mom'. We also have another equally powerful story from the life of Deepa, but we will spare it for the next post. Stay tuned, and yes, if you, Bangaloreans, can help  getting Sara to Deepa, please spare no efforts. Please do write if you liked this post.

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  1. What an inspiration Dear Ma'am.... i have had heard such stories or read somewhere in my early days from granny or some school teacher.... Lie story awakens always... This is an inspiration to all of us not only in India but also in the world.... My salutes to you and your mother too...

    India i Care....