Sunday, 12 May 2013

IIC(India I Care) Day

Aswini Mohapatra, one of our staunch IIC exponents from Hyderabad has sent the following write up giving clarity about IIC Day, every Friday. I hope this will give guidance to all our associates and readers of this blog to make their positive contribution to the rebuilding of the Character Bank of India.

Aswini writes--

India i Care - Day:

We celebrate every Friday as IIC-Day;

What is IIC-Day: 

It's day a to re-visit our promises/conviction/decision to contribute towards swelling the Character Bank of India. Though everyday we have to keep acting for the betterment of the country, it is good to reinforce those understanding that has come across as a learning to us.

What to do: 

Your simple act of caring for your-self, your-family and your-society/surrounding is suggested. It could be as simple as just reading through your convictions, already captured, or updating that list of 'to do' activities of yours with one more good initiative of yours. That act must benefit you, without harming any one else. 

How does it help: 

Your act of doing good (or act of goodness), creates/spreads positive energy around you and you become part of the solution and not the problem. 

What people are doing: 

Many of us who are connected with IIC, are contributing towards Character bank of India, through our actions, in our day-to-day life; for reference some of the activities are-
- Carrying cloth bags while going out to market, so as not to get a plastic bag 
- Using bicycle for commutation 
- Not littering on road 
- Once in a week, not using lift of the apartment 
- Not honking unnecessarily while driving 
- Cleaning own bathroom every Friday 
- Being conscious about spending money 
- Participating in social activities like awareness campaigning, community tree plantation, cleanliness drive, old cloth collection drive, etc... 
- Not shouting on anybody 
- Spreading awareness message of IIC-Day 
- Re-visiting time spent on professional, personal and social life 
- .... 

And lot more... you too can share on what you are doing (as a comment at the bottom of this post) and your actions can be included here or as articles on this website to inspire others across the globe. 

You can also form a team of people in your locality and get in touch with us to facilitate the process at your place, in your city. 

Thanks Aswini for compiling the list as above, and explaining in simple terms all about IIC Day.

 We are also coming out shortly with structured programs for Schools and colleges to expand the reach of IIC movement.

Dilip Patel

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  1. Dear Dilip,
    Thanks to Ashwini for the the excellent write-up on India I Care. A couple of things which really clicked within me are.. 1) I have started cleaning the toilet thoroughly after using it , whether at home or out side, so that the next person to use it gets to use a clean toilet( my wife should be the happiest person ) Charity(DEPOSITS) begins at home, 2) Second thing is spending a little more time with my own health( help your self to help others, errr ! I mean not the tainted politicians way .. ha! ha!) The cartoon on the top is an eye opener, and FOOD ( not the one's on the Picture) FOR SERIOUS INTROSPECTION , if we care for India.
    Thanks to Ashwini again for the unstinting selfless support to the cause of India I Care, by sending those SMS's so regularly . This reminds me of the day at Asia Plateau when a bunch of innocent young boys and girls ( Children of I of C Fraternity same age group of Ashwini) made a humble launch of IIC during a team meeting in the year 2005.Good to see this Blossom with so many stories of Inspiration. I am touched!