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Yogo I Care!...

I have heard, and been associated with formation of some of the many versions of ' xxxx I Care' as subsets of India I Care. For example - Coimbatore I Care, Nanded I Care, Jamshedpur I Care, Meghalaya I Care, Mizoram I Care,Raja Rajeshwari Nagar I Care etc. People have mulled over initiating the concept in their organisations such as 'Siemens I Care', 'Kirloskars I Care' etc. The concept has gone even beyond India to initiate 'Afghanistan I Care', Egypt I Care, Kenya I Care, Malaysia I Care etc. And all these thoughts are valid, and valuable.

But I was truly surprised when I received a mail from Helen Yogo, a very talented young lady from Camaroon ( a country in North-West Africa), who was at Asia Plateau for a few months as an intern. She went back to her country, and initiated an initiative called Yogo I Care. Yogo being their family name!

Amazing, isn't it? Participants at most of the training programs at Asia Plateau, Initiatives of Change, do get influenced by the Relationship sessions, and go back with some resolutions about mending relationships, but going back with a conviction to begin the change process with one's family as Yogo is proposing is certainly a very new dimension in 'xxxx I Care' series, and a very interesting one!.

Here are a few paragraphs from the mails I have received from her on the subject, in her own words.

Yogo is an excellent singer, dancer, thinker and a great human being. She spreads the voice of the voiceless through songs written and sung by herself, and some day she dreams to be able to rule over her country. All power to Yogo!

Yogo writes-

I wish to informed you that, I arrived Cameroon safely by the grace of God. My family and I started YOGO I CARE in the light that real democracy and change must begin from within with oneself. Starting with us, our family then community.

Helen Yogo with her father

Our first activity was FAMILY QUIET TIME which we have been doing now since I arrived on 15th june.

We invited some others for a family lunch and we share our stories of change beginning from me, where i asked my parents to forgive me for haven lied to them and collect money to help a friend in 2009. My parents saw this as the words of God in action and they shared too their wrongs and you wont believe what my other siblings shared. Apologies have been said, calls have been made, hugs and kisses and sincere sharings et cetera..

We are a one big family again first of its kind in the history of Yogo, all thanks to AP( Asia Plateau) for creating the space for me to change my attitude towards others.

Other activities of ours include, visiting neighbours and engaging in common community cleaning to prevent more mosquitoes bites and other diseases.

There are so much to say Uncle, again, i shared my experiences in yaounde on wednesday during the farmers dialogue meeting here and everyone is craving to come to AP even the iofc (Initiatives of Change) president for Cameroon says, " I must go to AP to experience what my daughter Helen Yogo has experienced.

Uncle, my inner peace is here, i now care more for others and now i know I can be use as a solution to so many challenges here as long as I keep measuring myself to PHUL and having quiet time.

Further to my reply and few queries she writes,

Thank you so much, I will send a picture of the family lunch we had which was the first activity we initiated to get more with other people. This was a quiet time thought shared by my dad who said, we need to care more, commune and share with others out of the house.

So far, there are other activities and vision(monthly community cleaning, visitation, sharing and understanding others, listening to them, common projects and many others) but for now what we have done is this togetherness and having quiet time every morning and writing down thoughts based on PHUL.( Purity, Honesty, Unselfishness, Love). I gave them the quiet time yellow books and have asked them to buy when it get finished other note books.

I am sending you pictures of the family lunch after our quiet time...

Yogo is my family name... you remember during the national meeting in India, I had the thought of  MY NEIGHBOR AND I... so am letting god guide me just like to said for my yearning is to be more passionate towards the needs of other more than myself.

Yogo then went to Caux, Switzerland, IofC's International HQ. She writes from there--

I am writing to you from Caux...I arrived in the early hours of yesterday but had my first performance last night and it was so wonderful...

Uncle please keep praying for me to be used more... for my conviction is THE WORLD NEEDS LOVE NOT PITY...and I am humbly and socially willing to use my voice as God directs to share this love with every soul I meet beginning from home like we have started... I had my first walk with my dad as i went back home...the smiles on his face says a lot of things..

Well, there are more to say.. but I thank God for AP and you all who gave me the opt to be a change myself..learning how to sincerely serve others and exercise a sense of peaceful humor which is what has been added to my skills...

You know, when I got here to Caux yesterday, I went straight and said  HAPPY AND WILLING TO HELP ....every one was amazed and this I picked during the MDR (Making Democracy Real) in AP where us the interns were given badges reading, happy to help...

May all your efforts in making the world a better place come to pass amen

Humbly and Socially yours daughter and product,
Helen Yogo

Helen describes all the members of her family in the picture-

You know we are 15 children I inclusive, spread around so not all were present but in the pictures that is my father(Chief Yogo Simon Peter), Mother(Princess Suefeu Esther Yogo,, elder sister(Justina Yogo), Bernard Yogo seated with me on the same table while eating, step junior brothers( Elimond Yogo, LeniYogo and junior sister(Madalene Yogo, special visually impaired Peter Ngong with the dark sun glasses, Emmanuel, Junior who were all invited...

I hope you all find a passion for change in Yogo's story above. Can we all pick up a leaf from her book and create our own 'family I Care' initiatives? Please do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

IIC Team

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