Thursday, 28 November 2013

A Pair of Eyes...

..Story of Grace and Gratitude.

In continuation of periodically bringing to you the  stories of real people who make a difference, and inspire, here is one about a young IAS officer from the Odisha cadre.

All of us are often subjected  to innumerable 'eyes watching us'. The eyes of suspicion, the eyes of expectations, the eyes of fear, the eyes of despair, even the eyes of disbelief! But when a pair of eyes look up to you with gratitude, some magic occurs.

Read on the story, in her own words, from Usha Padhee..

Usha Padhee

This story of my life seems like dream but true.

In 1998, I was working as Sub-Collector in Baliguda, Sub-Division of Kandhamal district, Odisha. As a young administrator I used to travel a lot and interact with locals. One day in a village I encountered with a poor old man who was almost blind due to cataract. I explained him about the free facilities extended by the Government for eye operation. He expressed his inability to reach district Head Quarter which was around 80 KM away. Also may be he had no money or relative to accompany. As a routine gesture I informed him that when I go for the meeting at district Head Quarter next week, I can take him along to drop at district hospital for which he agreed. Subsequent week I dropped him at district hospital with an instruction that after operation he should be sent back to the village.
 May be, after three months or so, during one of my grievance-redressal days, my personal secretary informed me about a man standing near my door, refusing to come in for any grievance, but wanting only to see me when I leave my office!
 He stayed on till I was ready to leave my office. I cannot forget, outside my office, the man standing was that old man whom I had taken for cataract operation. A pair of eyes just watched me, as I came out of the office. He raised his both hands, blessing me, and said that when I took him to the hospital he was not able to see me. He had come just to see the person who had helped him, as he could see me now!

At that point of time it was just an insignificant incident, though, I was amazed by the thankfulness of the old man. But I felt the impact of this incident later. Whenever I remember this, invariably I feel so humbled by the gratitude expressed by the old man. It was part of my duty and I received so much of warmth for something I felt was so routine a task. A small act, bringing some happiness to other person, brings so much of satisfaction and sense of fulfilling. I always felt I have received the love in leaps and bounds compared to the action of mine. It reaffirms my belief that all good you do comes back to you exponentially. When I feel any unfairness or selfishness around me, I remember the pair of eyes which give me assurance that these trivial things do not matter when you do something good, as it will bring happiness to someone, somewhere…….

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  1. Thanks for sharing the warmth and spreading hope and joy. This post inspires me to be a better person. :)

  2. Beautiful and inspiring.

  3. Awesome!! Just spellbinding story.. so inspirational and moving that one can actually "see" the proceedings!! Very Beautiful.

  4. It's so nice to know from you,that what you did is part of your duty.But the satisfaction ultimate,we can not forget in life.Mam,I agree with you that,"The good we do will soon reflect to us".