Friday, 28 February 2014

QT 23

Two thoughts to ponder on..

1. On lessons that can be derived from games..

Last week I visited Mumbai, and one of the participants of the previous week's Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai's(MCGM) training program on Ethical Governance (held at IofC, Asia Plateau, Panchgani) invited me so lovingly to his home. It was such a warm welcome by his whole family to his one bed room apartment.

Shekhar Desai of MCGM giving a lesson or two in TT

However, before visiting his home we drove to his office (it was Sunday), and as he is so passionate about the game of Table Tennis, we had a go at it for a few minutes. While I learnt from him a few tips and tricks, I had an interesting answer from him to my question as to 'how could I counter his amazingly fast offensive stroke'

His reply was-' ..Instead of looking for a method of countering it, one should consider changing his serving such that the opponent gets no opportunity to attack!' How true it could be in life too!! Just think about it.

2. On Mr Rajmohan Gandhi donning politician's attire..

Last week we also got this news that Mr Rajmohan Gandhi  joined the newest political party in India, the Aam Adami Party, and we hear from the latest news report that he will contest the Lok Sabha election from Delhi East constituency. Heartening news that 79 year old grand son of Mahatma Gandhi is still willing to give this country his services.

I recall at this juncture his message to the MCGM group a month ago, again at IofC training program at Panchgani, to work in such a way that others, outsiders tell us - 'Tera Bharat Mahaan ( Your India is Great)'

Worth considering his advice, what say you?

Please do register your comments/ your thoughts on the above cues.

Happy QT,

Dilip Patel,

Team IIC