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It is almost two years since I created, and have been using this process called 'Life's Balance Sheet' ( LBS for short) in most of my training programs with excellent results. Very briefly, the LBS process encourages you to look at your life as a company handed over to you by the Creator, and made you its CEO. And now you are constructing, for the first time, its balance sheet.

Here, the currency is happiness, and transactions are the interactions we have with ourselves, others, society, systems and environment. The purpose is to maximize  happiness (profits).

The LBS has to be constructed in 4 pages. Page One, and Page Two, show the assets , and the Page Three, and Page Four, reflect liabilities.

Life's Balance Sheet

I  encourage you to build  your LBS's Page One, and Page Two, right now, as you are reading this. So, get yourself a note pad and designate a blank page as 'Page One' ( You may also like to build your LBS on your computer).

Now, go down  your memory lane, and recall all those people in your life who have done some good to you, without any preconditions, your asking, or expectations. If you experience a sense of happiness, right now, merely by recalling them and the associated event/situation, then register them  on this 'Page One'  with brief descriptions. Affirm that the benefits you derived from their those deeds have remained your source of happiness till this day, and in some cases, your defining moments. Your life, as a company, is built on the capital of this happiness.

We come to the 'Page Two' now:

As you grew up, you too must have done some good to others without preconditions, their asking, or  your any overt or covert expectations... while these acts of yours must have given happiness to the beneficiaries, you must have felt some sense of happiness yourself too! These are the entries on your 'Page Two' Now spare some moments to recall such incidents and record them on Page Two.

Two aspects have come out very strongly, so far, from umpteen number of experiments that I have conducted  with several groups of trainees ( multinational, multicultural, and from belonging to the highest cadres in bureaucracy and corporate world to the grass root level functionaries) in India   using the LBS process.

One, that the lengths ( entries) of the 'Page Two' are found to be far too shorter (lesser) than that of the Page One! This observation is echoed every time by almost 70 to 80 percent experimenters.I would be very keen to know from you  your personal observation of comparison between your Page One and Page Two entries.

And two, that most of the experimenters, having found their page two too short, have now a desire to consciously  start doing 'good' to others without any overt or covert selfish expectations. This would now start adding regularly to their currency called happiness in their company called Life.

If I have succeeded in invoking your desire to start expanding your Page Two, congratulate yourself for being a conscientious World Citizen! I would be eager to hear from you your past and future stories of Page Two people and the related events.  


And now, in the second part of this post I have to make an appeal to you. Please take this opportunity to expand your Page Two. I did it by making a loan ( yes, it is a LOAN, and not a donation!) of Rs 2500/- for helping Yellavva Shinge and Group who are struggling to eke out an honorable living. Please read all about this here. 

And as I said it is a LOAN, it makes a very interesting proposition. Your timely intervention helps some one, and the person returns the money which becomes a credit in your account with Milaap, the innovative NGO spearheading this highly laudable project of rehabilitating 'Devadasis'( literally meaning the servants of Goddesses, but in reality, women at those temples being treated as sex workers) You can either redeem your loan amount, or rotate it as another loan for another worthy cause.

Here is a very illustrative video about the plight of these Devadassies-

I find that in less than 24 hours since I made my first loan, many loans came through and Yellavva and Group's target got met. There are people in this world who operate from the mind set of 'abundance'. I am hoping that you are one of them.

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You can make a difference. 

Thank You.

D I L I P  P A T E L
Member, India I Care

This post has been written for the Hope Project undertaken by Milaap on Indiblogger. 

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