Monday, 25 August 2014

Eco friendly Ganesha

Gods can't be crazy..

In the next few days many parts of the country will get into festive mood, beginning with Ganesha festival. Especially in Maharashtra and Karnataka thousands and thousands of Ganesha idols will be brought home/established in public places. And after the festivities are over, on the day of closure of the festival all these idols will be immersed in water bodies. Tons of chemicals from the paints on the idols will  contaminate the water.

RR Nagar I Care, an NGO in Bangalore inspired about 50 students of National Hill View School in the neighbourhood of Raja Rajeshwari Nagar  to create eco friendly Ganesha idols by teaching them to make using safe potter's clay. And the next day they all went into the community and engaged scores of citizens into conversation about water pollution and need for not using painted idols. As the students demonstrated actual making of the idols, many citizens got inspired and carried home the clay packs to make Ganesha by themselves.

Now, that is India I Care!

D I L I P   P A T E L

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