Monday, 23 March 2015

My morning walk on the World Water Day...22nd March, 2015

I must confess, I had seen RED on my computer screen, early in the morning, researching on the water scarcity subject matter in India.

So, my mind was already seized with the thoughts on water as I began my  walk. 

I wish I had carried my camera. I would not have needed to paint the pictures with my words..

Any way, I left my home at 7.15 a m. The first scene that attracted my attention was  the washing of the front portion of the house on the corner. One, or may be two buckets of water was being used to wash part of the footpath which has become, perhaps, their 'front portion' of their house. The dirty water streamed down on the side of the road, and a street dog quenched his thirst...

The red colors in the map came back to my mind. Bangalore (where I live) is in the red zone. We get water once in 3 days. Many bore wells up to several hundreds of feet deep have dried up in the vicinity. water business in tankers is booming.

 And now I had reached an automobile service center. A thick, oily and murky liquid was flowing into the storm waterway. This stuff would reach, along with rain, when ever it comes ( which happens any time now a days!), into the 'restored' lake nearby.

The vegetable vendor   across the road was sprinkling water from a bottle on the greens he was selling. The bottle looked old and the water dirty! I was asked to buy some vegetables, and I knew we will have to wash again, and spend some more water.

A new 4 storied building that is coming up on my return path was being sprinkled lavishly for curing.

And as I stepped into my compound, the beads of perspiration that were emerging on my forehead and neck seemed very precious. But the last straw was the tup..tup..sound in my bathroom. The tap was leaking!

I had to take some concrete steps to save water, and I decided- 'No bath today!'

Each one of us must take some steps.

If you think my above narration is very frivolous, then read some serious stuff at KNM's blog here. 

Do write to us  what steps are you taking?



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