Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Bhoomi Mandir...in every house

My early morning thought...

Take it as a metaphor. A kitchen garden fits the description of a 'BHOOMI MANDIR'(literal meaning will be 'EARTH TEMPLE'), and it is not associated with any specific religion. But today there is an express need of establishing this kind of a 'temple/church/mosque/gurdwara..or what ever name you have based on your faith',in every house hold, across the boundaries, all over the World to appease the mother Earth, and unite all the living beings on Earth.

So, how do you establish this temple ?

A piece of land in front of your home, or in your back yard should be allocated this status. If you do not have this luxury, use your terrace and create green patches of Earth. Millions have been doing it. Join them. If you do not even have terrace under your control, use pots, fill them with soil and coco peat etc and put them up in your balcony where some sun light is available. This is your Bhoomi Temple!

And how does it work?

 Every little plant that you grow in your 'temple' will  establish some divine presence, a real one in your home. The piece of earth, including your terrace garden or balcony pots  that you care for everyday by watering, giving compost, spending time with it etc is the 'real' pooja/ibaadat/service of the divine.

One step further, the offering you make to the Bhoomi Temple, must be prepared by you through converting all the organic wet waste that you produce in your home in to an organic compost. There are many solutions available now within your neighborhood. Go for it! This will be a real caring for the mother Earth when you cease to be a cause for dumping the untreated waste in to some one else's neighborhood. Also, inch by inch you are healing the Earth when you do not use chemicals in your Bhoomi Temple!

The reward would be the produce you get from the kitchen garden, a real 'prasadam'! It could be some green chilies, coriander leaves, tomatoes, brinjals, some greens or mint! When you blend them into your cooking, it works as divine grace. It gives you a sense of belonging to the Earth as you are developing a caring nature, a hall mark of mother Earth! It humbles you as you actually put in some physical work. And it gives the joy of creation, day after day! If your children get involved, that much less time in front of the TV!

You can discover many other ways in which this temple can shower the divine grace on you and your family!

Here are some glimpses of our 'Bhoomi Temple'...

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