About IIC Movement

What is India I Care?
It is a movement. Movement by all the citizens of the country, to rebuild the lost character in the recent times.

Here is a brief background:
 While we have enjoyed an economic growth last two decades, some of our youngsters perceived a few years ago that there is a decline in our individual, and there for our National character. May be our greed, consumerism and selfish motives are being fueled by the economic growth.

. IIC Movement is our collective effort to rebuild our Character Bank of India by initiating small corrective steps in our day to day behaviour in all walks of life. As the critical mass gathers, we will start seeing change happening in public perceptions for good. No one likes to hear that we are a 'dirty', 'corrupt', or 'undisciplined' country. But then each one of us have to 'work' towards it. IF WE ARE NOT PART OF THE SOLUTION, WE ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. All are welcome to join the movement. It is an initiative of 'Initiatives of Change'

Please register yourselves, if you have not yet done so. It matters a lot.


  1. "India I Care" is a great initiative and brilliant concept to remind us in doing our bit to the society rather than pointing fingers at others. Without adding complex theories/philosophies, this concept has the ability to touch millions of people and make us realise to re-build our "character bank".

    Vasant jajoo

  2. It's an initiative which can reach any individual to any place in this country. Directly or indirectly we all are involved in the Character building of the country. Would we want to build a low character of ourselves? so stands in case of our country; rise up and put your concerns in your day-to-day actions.

    India i Care...