Visitors' Book

Welcome to the visitors' Book.

We presume that some kind of motivation must have led you to visit this blog. Don't let that slip away. Each one of us, deep within, have a desire to show care for our society, our country. Our efforts at India I Care movement are to create an appropriate pathway to help you take the initiatives in and around 'your world'.

Please wxplore the posts, and pages here to get ideas, and if you get an inner guidance to make any suggestion to us, we will be very happy to listen to you.

Our focus is to involve 5 segments of the society for this movement. Schools, Colleges, NGOs, Govt organisations and offices and finally the Corporate world. Give us your valuable suggestions/advises to make these segments our partners in the process.

Thank You for being part of this movement. Visit again.

IIC Team


  1. We can prepare a small interactive program of
    1-2 hour to involve more people in India I Care. For this, We can form groups in every city where our volunteer is present. They will go to different school,colleges and NGOs once in a week and pass the message of India I Care. When some people will involve they will make another group to pass the message. In this way we can connect with more people and make a chain....:)
    Most of the time its not possible to give time because of our classes, jobs and works in the day. In these situation we can visit different coaching institutes and park also either in morning or evening so that our job or classes will also not hamper.

    1. Good suggestion, Abhishek. Stay tuned, we will come out with a plan for schools/colleges.

  2. Hi, This is Pooja Trivedi. My Production House is doing a Show with a leading channel, that documents real interpersonal stories of personal achievement or breaking norms or affecting the life of an individual or society positively.

    We are, through the show, promoting the concept of 'Nayi Soch' (people who have shown a new thought process) and I would love to get in touch with you regarding one of your Stories.

    Could you please provide me with your personal e-mail id so that I can give you further details on our Show and it's concept.
    My e-mail id is

    I would greatly appreciate your help in putting together the story.

    I look forward to hear from you.

    Warm Regards,

    Pooja Trivedi

  3. Hello, I found this concept interesting. I have noticed that they're some suggestions on activities but haven't been able to search the events details. Also do you conduct this on a voluntary basis or do you have staff involved so as to scale the events in the topic. Please contact me at my email address or give me your email address so that we can take it forward hopefully.